How To Breed Panda Corys?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by blue velvet keeper, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. blue velvet keeperWell Known MemberMember

    How do you breed panda corys? What perameters? What food? What tank set up overall? Also post pics of your set up
  2. nikm128Fishlore VIPMember

    My albino's have just been spawning on their own for a few months in a 10 gal, no extra or special foods, or anything I do to encourage them. PH is ~8, 0 ammonia and nitrites, nitrates never break 20, hardness is ~5 degrees
  3. blue velvet keeperWell Known MemberMember

    yeah it is weird i have pandas but they won't breed like those types
  4. nikm128Fishlore VIPMember

    How old are they? Mine only started doing that once they were around 18-20 months
  5. blue velvet keeperWell Known MemberMember

    i got some of mine a year ago and got some of mine a couple of months ago
  6. DarkOneFishlore VIPMember

    Albinos (aeneus), C aeneus and C paleatus are possibly the easiest to breed with no trigger.

    I'm currently breeding C Sterbai in a 10g. My breeding group is 5. I'm not sure m/f ratio as they were in QT when they started but I think there's 3m and 2f. That's all the Sterbai the lfs had at the time so I grabbed all of them. I had 100% fry loss with the first batch of ~20 eggs within 24hrs but they kept spawning every couple of days for over a week and I have about 30+ fry out of about 60 eggs. I rolled the eggs off the glass with my fingers and put them in a container with a drop of meth blue. The containers are floated in the parent tank. I changed the water every other day and added a drop of meth blue. They should hatch in about 5 days. I checked 2-4 times per day starting at day 4 and moved the hatched fry into another container w/o meth blue. I have an airline in each container. I fed them Golden Pearls 5-50 micron fry food from day 1. Some say you can wait until their yolk sac is gone (2-3 days) but I didn't wait. I also started feeding them microworms after 5 days. I do daily 50% water changes in the container with tank water where the parents are (the tank gets 50% water changes every few days).

    I was feeding the breeding group frozen bloodworms, Bug bites and Sinking Wafers. I did 50% water changes a few degrees cooler than the tank. Temp is 80°F but Pandas would need 75°F to start and add 70°F water.

    I read that hatch rates are better if you stick the eggs on the container walls vs letting them drop to the bottom. It made sense as some of the fry seemed to have trouble getting out of the egg shells.

    This was taken a few days ago. There's about 30 in here. They were hugging the edges but now the older ones are swimming around like bigger cories.
    2019-03-30 20.13.11.jpg
  7. plecodragonWell Known MemberMember

    One thing I have noticed with my panda cories they only lay one egg at a time and place them on the underside of my anubias leaves- unlike aeneus and paleatus which lay them in groups larger then 15 at a time on the tank walls. Aeneus and paleatus are way larger cories (or mine are compared to the pandas)so they can lay way more eggs. I don't retrieve the eggs but sometimes a lucky fry makes it to adult hood, as I don't want to rip my planted aquarium apart.
  8. DarkOneFishlore VIPMember

    My sterbai are fairly young (1.5") so they lay 2-3 eggs at a time. My aeneus is in a community tank but I've only seen a group of 4 eggs. My paleatus also lay groups of 4-5. They're also in a community tank so their eggs don't last more than a few seconds after placed on the glass.
  9. blue velvet keeperWell Known MemberMember

    thanks that will help so i think i will put more anubias in there