How to Attach Pictures to Posts

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    There are multiple ways now to attach pictures to your posts. How you do it is based on how you are browsing the forum. There are basically two ways to browse the forum, either via a web browser or using an app (either the Fishlore app, Tapatalk, Forumrunner, etc).

    First, make sure your pictures are not too big. There is a size limit and the upload will error out or not work at all if the image is too big. Please see: Resize your photos online - quick and easy

    From a web browser:
    Option 1 - Use an image from your computer:
    1. Click the icon in the toolbar found while typing in your post or thread. icon1.
    2. Click on the select files button that opens up a browse dialog box to browse to where the picture is located on your device. Click the picture or pictures to attach and then click on the upload files button which will upload the pictures and insert them into the post. (images below)

    Option 2 - Use an image from a URL:
    1. Click the icon in the toolbar found while typing in your post or thread. icon1.
    2. Click on the "From URL" tab in the pop up box
    3. Enter the URL to the image and click the OK button and the image is inserted into the post

    Option 3 - reuse an image already uploaded to the forum:
    1. If you want to reuse an image that you upload to the forum or gallery in the past you can click on the "My Photos" button to browse to the image saved on the forum or in your gallery. Browse to the image and then click the image to insert it into the post.

    Option 4 - for large images:
    1. If you have a larger sized image you can upload it to the gallery by clicking on the Upload Photos link. It will place the photo in your gallery default album.

    2. Click on the buttons "Choose File", browse to the image and upload it. After it uploads you can then insert a thumbnail link to the image or insert the actual image using the pre-made links on the gallery page of the photo:

    Option 5 - for really really large images:
    If you have a really big image that is from a newer digital camera or a newer phone you need to know that there is a file size restriction with the forum software that prevents the upload of files that are too big. If you encounter errors when using any of the previous options you can use the "Add image to post" which is a third-party site that hosts the image and inserts a thumbnail of the image inside the post that if clicked on takes you to the image on the third-party website.

    From the FishLore app or Tapatalk

    Apple devices
    From the new post screen, click on the icon that looks like a mountain with a moon on it. From there you can select where the photo is located. Click on the photo and it will be attached.

    Android devices
    From the new post screen, click on the icon that looks like three vertical squares and a menu pops open and then click on attach picture:

    Still having issues?
    If for some reason you are still getting errors it is most likely due to the size of the photo and you will need to resize it. Go to Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize photos, images, or pictures online for FREE! and it will resize the image for you. When prompted, make sure that the image is smaller than 1200 x 1200 in both height and width. Images any larger than that are really unnecessary (in most cases) for viewing here on the forum.

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