How To Aquascape A Big Tank

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  1. firesflighttWell Known MemberMember

    it's only a matter of a couple days before i get my 75gal! now.. the big obstacle is getting the thing aquascaped.

    so, here's the plan for the whole tank so far..

    · marineland ensamble
    tank + light + stand
    18"L, 48"W, 21"H
    · 2 marineland penguin 350 HOBs
    stuff with fluvial ceramic rings/biomax,
    fluval foam sponges, poly-fil
    · 2 200watt aqueon pro heaters
    set at 79F
    · black diamond blasting sand
    · easy to care for and inexpensive plants
    big anubias, java fern, swords, vals
    · peaceful community tank
    pearl gouramis, rummynose tetras,
    RCS, boesemani rainbows, guppies
    potentially harlequin rasboras,
    mollies, sterbai cories
    · driftwood centerpiece
    spider-like and spread out limbs
    · a few dragonstone
    · black background

    so hopefully that sounds okay, and gives y'all an idea of what i plan it to look like. i would appreciate aquascaping tips, videos, pictures, etc. i've never been the best at decorating, so i need to be tutored. where in the world do i put the plants, where to find the right piece of driftwood, etc.. thank goodness my lfs has a good collection of big plants, wood, and dragonstone, but it's all very pricey.
  2. Jack B NimbleValued MemberMember

    Go for a walk is there any bodies of water nearby? Lakes rivers

  3. DavidCStevensNew MemberMember

    75g tank 20190408_220112.jpg

  4. dinosaur actValued MemberMember

    The best advice I can think to give is don't rush it. It toke me around 2 months to decide the placement of my rocks and wood. It's all ways a good idea to plan plant placement beforehand too tbh I'm still not so great at this. Research is key!

    A few people who will be worth a look in too are takashi amano, James Findley from the green machine and also george farmer.

    Hope this helps!

    PS my tank still needs to grow in and a few placement issue I need to address! IMG_20190327_142112.jpg

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  5. firesflighttWell Known MemberMember

    alright, so maybe i could draw out what i want it to look like? i'll make several drafts and post them when i can. thanks for the recommendations

    sometime soon i want to go out on a nature hike, so i'll keep that in mind for sure.
  6. Jack B NimbleValued MemberMember

    Everything I have in my pond or fish tank as far as hardscape came from my walks. Driftwood rocks and boulders and some plants. If I were doing another large tank the first thi g would be a focal piece of drift wood or a root.
  7. kallililly1973Well Known MemberMember

    That looks great! It's going to look amazing more filled in as you said. What type of canister are you running to allow you to attach that lily pipe if i may ask?
  8. firesflighttWell Known MemberMember

    that's really cool, but i will have to make sure it's okay for me to take stuff first.
  9. Jack B NimbleValued MemberMember

    I guess so but I'd say a pile of roots in a back lane or a rock beside a river is fair game. It is in Canada anyway lol.

  10. 86 ssinitWell Known MemberMember

    Aquascaping just comes down to what you like. Don’t like it change it. Nothing’s permanent:). Oh and most of your fish choices will eat rcs. I have 0 aquascaping skills but still like my tank :). B6580F9F-D758-4F62-8822-8C6FF50441FF.jpeg
  11. imbaWell Known MemberMember

    My advice is to get big pieces of hardscape and dont be afraid using more hardscape. I see alot of people not using enough or not getting large enough pieces for their tank size.
  12. Thunder_o_bFishlore VIPMember

    Applying the rules of painting and photography will help, after all an aquarium is really a large picture. Rule of thirds, primary and secondary subject, vanishing lines, drawing the eye from one side to the other, complementary colors. etc.

    The size of the aquarium really does not matter the scale is just larger.

    1. The 150 tall.

    2. 46 bow.

    3. 44 pent.
    _MG_5758 copy.0.jpg

    4. 150.
  13. firesflighttWell Known MemberMember

    i took sand from a beach one time and never felt guiltier. lol.
    problem is.. i end up changing it too much. and i'm never happy.
    my lfs has some okay sized pieces, but they're 60 a pop and 1 wouldn't fill up that tank. i should probably do what @Jack B Nimble said and find some branches of my own in the wild.

    i'm supposed to know this stuff hahaha, i should be am art geek... gotta rack my brain somemore.

    i love all yalls tanks, wish i could say the same about mine, not very confident in it and it's been rearranged countless times. 20190401_182243.jpg
  14. Thunder_o_bFishlore VIPMember

    The biggest issue I see in your aquarium is the primary subject (the wood) is dead center. Maybe move it hard left or hard right.
  15. firesflighttWell Known MemberMember

    gotcha, i'll be onto that.
  16. dinosaur actValued MemberMember

    drawing can be a very good place to start especially as it seem you have an idea of how you want it to look. Even if it is just a box whit general shapes or directional lines, it will help! i'm not much of a drawer myself so then I plan a tank I like to have my rocks and wood in front of me and see what i feel looks good. This is a learning process at the end of the day!

    below is my tank in progress!

    thank you =) I am running 2 oase biomaster 600 which have heaters inside the filters. The glass pipes are pretty nice, the intake works as a skimmer which is very handy! The pipes are the 'aquascaper glass pipework set' by EA evolution aqua.
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  17. firesflighttWell Known MemberMember

    here's the first draft.. sloppy i know
    i'm really liking the wood at the far right. 20190409_182949.jpg
  18. dinosaur actValued MemberMember

    I was contemplating some thing like this when i was doing my tank! this sort of style is based off a U shape, whit some thing like this i would choose a 'centre point' and then make every thing go to that point in a sense. what you want to try and do is create a sense of depth, using smaller rocks and small bits of wood around your main pieces will help to achieve this.

    Was you planing on using soil or any thing like that for this tank?

    For your wood id recommend using some java fern, i am using micro and trident in mine should gives a very full feel once grown in! maybe some larger crypts might be an idea in the back too.

    heres a link too which should hopefully visual explain it a bit better, the 1st, 4th and 5th tanks on this page.


    and a bad drawing of my own he he,
    hope this has helped!

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  19. firesflighttWell Known MemberMember

    so i want to make the wood the main focus, and i do this by doing the U shape, right? i could maybe put some bits of dragonstone around the wood. wood in front, shorter foreground plants, then rocks, then background plants, right? i still want the wood to be to the right, but maybe i could move it slightly closer to the center.

    sorry if i sound noob-ish. i'm trying to understand, but i'm all new to this lol. no plans for soil.
  20. firesflighttWell Known MemberMember

    alrighty, still no 75gal yet. i said "a couple days" but it turns out i'll wait until school gets out, so i won't be as busy.
    for the aquascape on the 75, i'm still indecisive if i want to do a concave or convex shape. either driftwood on both sides to create the concave shape, or the driftwood near the center for a convex shape.

    i just did a quick illustration for my 20gal high that i desperately need to revamp. this one will have the triangle shape.

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