How to add pics in threads in mobile

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    Well Im kinda new to this active community and I need help how to add pics in threads and albums.
  2. Coradee

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    Coradee , it appears the info in the link is based on the old app format. The app has been updated since that thread was created and things are much much different. Maybe that thread needs to be updated to match the new app format!

    SourCream, the way I do it is if I am posting on a thread, there is an arrow on the left side of the "quick reply" field and when you touch that, it takes you away from the "quick reply" line and you have more options. You will be able to add a photo or a URL etc.
    Here's how mine looks after being taken away from "quick reply". See my photo.... I use the square shaped image to the left of the paperclip and then it allows me to go to my gallery on my phone to pick a photo to add....


    When you are starting a thread on the app, you should automatically have those options to add a photo.