How To Add Aquarium Soil To Established Tank Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by HoaX, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. HoaXValued MemberMember

    i wanted advice of best way to go about adding soil to my tank, how long will fish need to be removed for ect i was going to add aquarium soil and new gravel but keep my current plants and filter would changing to new gravel cause tank to mini cycle? I have 1 platty and 13fry in 100l tank fry about 2 months old

  2. FishGirl38Valued MemberMember

    Well, It's going to be messy. If it were gravel I would say to just wash it through a net really well, then slowly add it to the tank, but soil is going to make a muddy mess if you're adding it to the water...I've exchanged gravel between tanks (flourite) but never soil. :/.

    I think it'd be a good idea to remove the fish from the tank, maybe even house them in a QT tank for the night while the soil settles? I don't think you'll be able to pull the fish, add the soil, and then put them back right away, I imagine the water would be too murky. A 10gal with a sponge filter would do for now.

    Changing the gravel MIGHT cause a mini cycle if the filter you have in the tank is a sponge filter OR the filter isn't very large in proportion to the tank. If you have seeded media in the filter, I think you'll be fine in terms of the cycle. If it does cause a mini cycle, you're not very over stocked so you should be fine regardless.

  3. appcontrolWell Known MemberMember

    Everything that @FishGirl38 said stands. Just want to tell that garden soil or ada soil will let out alot of ammonia for some period of time so it will not be safe for fish to be in that tank for few days at least. If you want to change substrate to something not that organic and loaded with nutrients, you could use dividers to remove every few day like 1/3 of old substrate for new so you don't get mini cycle.
  4. HoaXValued MemberMember

    I'm using westands aquatic soil and i do have a on top sump like filter that is about 3liters with 550grams of ceramic rings, 20 bio balls and 4 layers of sponge 3 Corse 1 fine grade also do have another tank that's empty 125liters that's new and empty not even had water in it yet lol

    but wanted to no weather to setup that tank with aqua soil and pea gravel cap 1st then wait for it to cycle to add fish then work on this 100l tank but i would rather house them in new tank temp with plants and filter from the tank they are in while i do this 1 and replace them befor doing the new 125l tank as i still need to get plants and lights for that tank
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  5. MarlinValued MemberMember

    I've actually did a soil change in my aquarium last week. Used flourite and it was extremely messy even though I washed it several times. Like the others said Its probably be better if you get like an emergency tank and put some of the old substrate and water from the original tank in as a temporary home while you work on the main tank. Its also better to do the change through a period of a few days to a week to let them settle in(settle down and not so cloudy), but also to let the beneficial bacteria in the old substrate to grow into the new one.
  6. HoaXValued MemberMember

    so u think ill need to house fish out of tank for 2-5 days what i was thinking to do was empty water from main tank into the 125l and move fish over then put filter in the tank, while i empty every think from main tank gravel, plants ect then add new soil and cap with gravel then just with tap water fill it up and empty it few times then add old tank water and replace fish just not sure wen to put in old water and fish

    but i thalt i wouldn't need to temp house them for as long that way

    this is the soil i got for my tanks  
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  7. MarlinValued MemberMember

    You could do that as well, but it is stressful to the fish either way. If you do it that way I would keep track of the aquarium for mini cycles because like I said the beneficial bacteria do live in the substrate and when you replace it you are getting rid of a large portion of them as well. Using the old water does help, but it will take time for them to get back into the substrate.
  8. HoaXValued MemberMember

    yeah that's what i was worrying about but i do always add bacteria when doing water changes and will also be adding some when putting the old water back in tank just didn't no weather to add 50l of old water and some bacteria then wait a day or 2 befor adding fish back but will mean leaving them in the 125 litre tank with only 50l of water till i add them back to main tank with about 25l of the water and 25l of treated tap water so will have 75l old water and 25l treated tap water when fish are added back so will be a 25% water change at same time

    i could put some of the old gravel in plastic containers and sit them in there at 1st to help with cycle then remove them in couple of days as im planting my foreground with seeds so that can sit there for couple days befor they start to sprout
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  9. MarlinValued MemberMember

    You could also take a portion of the new soil put them in a sift bag and let it sit in your aquarium for a few days. This way the bacteria can begin grown in the new soil before you replace the old one.
  10. appcontrolWell Known MemberMember

    You wants to put like gardening soil that's not same as flourite black or whatever. So you need to keep fish out of that tank, becuose for at least 4-5 days you will have at least 4ppm ammonia readings, you need to remove fish to another tank, add filter there with some cycled media. Empty tank that will get soil add everything do wc every day and monitor parameters every day when they are stable return fish.

    But just to tell you, you are doing too much job for something that is not must have, that substrate will deplete over a year and you will need to add root tabs or liquid ferts like it is any other substrate, so on your place i wouldn't do it, if you have sand or some big gravel ok change for flourite or something like that 1/3 at a time. But this change is just too much work and risks.

    If you don't get it just make a picture in your head... Composte/soil/dirt=big pile of fish poop+dead plants+dead animals... what would happen if that gets in your established aquarium?
    I hope this helped
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  11. MarlinValued MemberMember

    It can work. Gravel use to prevent leaking and eventually, the plants will eat away bad parts and will need root tabs and fertilizer. It's just a tricky process and hard work. Just have to pay a lot of attention to the aquarium and monitor all the levels
  12. HoaXValued MemberMember

    the soil I'm adding is fish safe it says made for ponds ect its Westland's aquatic compost

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