How Temperature Sensitive Is The Bb (beneficial Bacteria) In An Aquarium?


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I setup my 55g aquarium a little over a week ago and I stopped at PetSmart to buy some fish for the new tank. I got 6 small zebra danios and 6 tetras (they looked very similar to head and tail light tetras but that is not exactly what they were).

When I got home from PS with the fish, I realized that I had forgotten to put the new heater in the tank and turn on the heater.

I had the fish floating in the bags in the tank and took care of the heater. Because I was adding fish to the tank, I needed to move some of the media from my other tank to the new 55g tank. My old tank is kept at around 80°F and the new tank was room temperature, which I would guess was around 68°F to 70°F. (the old tank felt warm and the new tank felt cold)

So my question is, will the BB from the old, warm tank be killed by adding the BB into the new, cold tank? I'm not sure how temperature sensitive the BB that lives in our aquariums is exactly?
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