How soon will guppy give birth? Question

  1. W

    Wildest New Member Member

    It was kept in a female only tank when I bought it, and I introduced it to a male 30 days ago,
    Am I correct in moving it into the breeder box over night starting around now?
  2. Flowingfins

    Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    Has she squared off yet?Her belly should look like this \___/. If she has put her in the net/box, if not wait until she does.

    Edit: Sorry didn't see the picture. Yes, definitlely put her in thebox, she will drop the fry any day now!
  3. rsutoratosu

    rsutoratosu Valued Member Member

    How big is your tank ? your pic shows some plants.. usually I wouldn't even move her into a breeding trap.. they give stress.. some people like it, I dont do it. I have some fake plants for hiding and usually pick up around 20-25 frys every month.. more than I can handle.

    My community tank is 46 gallons with 8 female and 3 male.. so I get plenty of fry.