How Soon Can I Move My Adf Into A New Tank?


HI everyone this is my first post,

Right now I have a 10 gallon that has 4 African Dwarf Frogs, 1 small amano shrimp and 5 ghost shrimp in a planted tank.

I just brought the frogs home yesterday, I was planning on just getting 2 males but I got a pair of females too. So now I have twice as many as I was planning on, them being much more active than I thought they’d be, and later on I would like to add a betta or a few tetras but I feel like I’m going to need more space for that.

I want to get a new 15 gallon for my birthday this week, but since I just brought these guys home I don’t want to stress them too much upgrading my tank.

When’s the soonest I can upgrade safely?
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HI welcome to FishLore!
If it were me, I'd keep the ADF's in the 10g. Then cycle the 15 gallon before getting the tetras. I'm not a fan of a betta with other fish but that's another discussion as others would disagree.

Some 15 gallon tanks have the same foot print as a 10g. ADF's don't need a deeper tank. Do you know the dimensions of the 15g?
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The problem is I don’t have enough space to have two tanks running at once. If I set up the 15 gallon it would be with the same water, filter and plants, but with mostly new substrate and move everyone back in that day. I’ve read before to do this when upgrading a tank and not making a new one.

I don’t have the tank yet, these are what I asked for for my birthday

I did ask for a 15 long though, I know it needs more width and length then height so these guys can breath

maggie thecat

You can move them when you need to. I run ADF through a defungus treatment to kill any potential chytrid spores. That requires moving them back and forth between two small tanks for the duration of the treatment .

If you are unaware of chytrid , you should read up on it in the frog forum, because, it is sadly common.

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