?how Should I Transport Fish?

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    Hi all :) I need some advice! Im relocating to Scotland for a new job, I'll be driving for about 6.5 hours over 350 miles in a day and I have to take all my fish with me! I have a range from...
    Molly's, guppy's, orictocynclus, cherry shrimp, plecs, sharks, kissing gourami, Cory's, tetras , danios, catfish, white cloud mountain minows, they'l be coming from two separate tanks with the hope of getting them settled in my 200 litre juwel,

    So the question is, how am I best to transport them? I am somewhat limited on space but I was thinking of putting them in a plastic box and running a heater/ air stone for 10 minutes every hour off my inverter. I've got plenty of stress coat but want to minimise any damage and stress to them

    My first post here so thanks in advance for any ideas!! 20190712_213001.jpgIMG-20190712-WA0011.jpg20190607_065540.jpg
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    No give me your tank and all your fish. . . Hello pike

    Btw we do know eachother... Don't worry anybody who reads this.. haha
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    I transport fish in a styrofoam minnow bucket. Considering the time & distance a battery operated pump & air stone would be a plus.
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    Thanks, I'll see if I can have a look at my lfs for one

    I have no idea who you are sir please refrain from stealing my beloved aquatic friends
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    They can be your leaving present for me when you've finally moved away!
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    For when i transported my fish, i just used 5 gallon plastic buckets from the hardware store. I would have one or two for the fish and plants and use another one or two for the bio media and sand so you wont need to cycle your tanks again. Try to make sure theyre food grade, some plastics are kinda toxic. I think most buckets are made of HDPE which is generally pretty safe.