How Should I Plant My Tank?

  1. In my 40g tank i have some Valisneria ,Green Cabomba ,One big amazon sword plant and 3 small ones and a Anubias Bartery but i cant find a nice a set up for my tank. 2017-07-11-16-57-46.jpg

    The big amazon sword plant is about 55 cm tall
  2. kayla.s

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    Do you have a hard scape of any kind? Eg wood, rock, etc
  3. KinsKicks

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    As for placement, I'd put the Vals all along the back to create a really nice wall. Add the cabomba along the side in the corner to create a really nice bushyiness and the sword along the other side in the back to grow out as well

    Also agree about could tie the anubias on it to make really pretty accents. Or grow the cabomba in between any hardscape as well

    Edit: OR have the vallisneria along one side wall, let it grow out for a swooping effect, and add the cabomba along the back for accenting
  4. OP

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