How old are you?

  1. S

    Susie Initiate Member

    A few other forums I belong to have been asking this question. I'd like to see how old my new fishie friends are. ;D

    I'm 42

  2. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Hi Susie - I'm 30.

  3. F

    FishFan Member Member

    Hello. I am a Newbie & I am 33. :D

  4. M

    Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Hello! I'm 21, and my brother is 18. We've got 3 tropical tanks, 2 cold water and a pond! We're going to make the big cold water tank into a tropical soon whcih is going to be fun :p

  5. S

    SharkLover Initiate Member

    15 in 6 days!! :eek:
  6. M

    Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Ahhh the baby of the forum ;)
  7. F

    FishFan Member Member

    Well, Happy Birthday, early!!! ;D
  8. OP

    Susie Initiate Member

    Happy Birthday!
  9. f

    fishfreak Member Member

    im 15
  10. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    fishfreak - like your avatar pic. Larry the Cable Guy is hilarious.

    Have ya'll seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, part 1 or 2? If not, I highly recommend them. I've seen them a few different times and they still crack me up.

  11. f

    fishfreak Member Member

    Yeah ive have both seasons they are funny.
  12. T

    Tammy Initiate Member

    Hi, I'm Tammy and I'm 23.
  13. f

    fletch Member Member

    Im 20
  14. R

    Rilayna Initiate Member

    Hello! I'm a newbie I'm 29 and my son (who has the fish tank in his room) is 5
  15. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    I'm also 15
  16. b

    briggsegirl Initiate Member

    I'm 13 ;D
  17. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I'm 44. ;D
  18. 0morrokh

    0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Hey, guess I'm the youngest one here! ;)
  19. C

    Craig Well Known Member Member

    Im Craig, 17, from Northern Ireland (UK) My best m8 Luke also a big tropical fish fanatic is 16
  20. A

    Adz Member Member

    Hey there, i'm 19 :p

    i've had my tank for only 3 weeks but i've started of with the Zebra Danio's....they are great fish, i have six of them
    since we're all fish buddies, does that mean we are a school?