How often should I feed frozen food?


I have a small shoal of False Juliis, 2 fully grown females and a group of very small-adolescents, 8 in total. They love bloodworms, but I know they also are prone to overeating. How often should I be feeding them frozen food? I also have mysis shrimp, but I noticed they seem to prefer the bloodworms. Thanks.


I only feed my bettas their "special" food once or twice a week. Don't want them to get the idea that they are too good for their normal everyday foods. Do the same with my cats. I imagine doing something similar with your cories would probably work as well. Least thats what i would try. So far has worked for me for all my fish and other critters!


I believe it’s more about volume than if food is alive ,frozen or dried out and made into a pellet.

I don’t see a dry food being some magic food that is somehow safe and live food as something that is a treat. Fish should not get treats at all ever.

While feeding just 6 meals a week (Edit to adult fish) is recommended I suspect many of us feed more often than we should.

short answer/ generic answer.
Feed frozen foods once a week.
I don’t agree with this for 5 minutes.
Having raised fry on live foods ONLY I strongly suggest you need to train fish to accept a wide variety of foods as part of a balanced diet.


Recently read an article on the dangers of fish 'obesity' and had to laugh. There's a tacit collective opinion that everyone overfeeds their fish. While this does happen I don't see it as the global pandemic that is commonly portrayed. I try to provide my fish a variety of foods and feed flake food in the morning and frozen foods in the evening pretty much every day. I use Freshwater Multipacks and alternate food type each evening. For my part the better and more varied nutrition they get the faster they grow and we've had great luck with our Pearl Gouramis and BN Plecos growing to solid size in the course of a year. The amount they can eat in a given amount of time and preventing it from littering the bottom of the tank are important. Other than that feel that 2 smaller meals in a day are better than one large one. Have also heard folks say that they will stop eating when sated, but have never seen that happen. Fish are pigs of the sea and will eat until gorged - this comes from the fact that in nature food is not always available so when it is they try to stock up as much as they can.
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