20 Gallon Tank How often should a heavily planted tank be water changed?


I have a 23 gallon tank, which has a lot of plants on it. I have about 20 small fish and 2 butterfly rams. I use to water change it 2/3 times a week however I’ve been wanting to see how often it really needs doing. It’s been a week and levels are fine. But I was wondering how often everyone else did theirs? I’ve attached a pic of tank for reference


I’d say 1-2 times weekly depending on how much you change. 25% twice a week or 50% once a week is what I usually do.


If this tank is cycled meaning 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and some nitrates, one 50% water change each week should keep all things balanced and the fish healthy. I also recommend changing out even more water once a month. This is basically what I do in all my cycled tanks.


I do 1 50% water change once a week on all my tanks just to keep the water healthy for my fish! I know everyone does things a little differently this is just how I like to do things! Here’s a pic of my 15gal flex



I always do a 50% once a week regardless. Occasionally I may do a 60-75% for a bigger reset. I rarely check nitrates so I don’t really use that as a gauge of what do do.

I do try to hover the surface of the gravel to get the food, poo and other mulm off the bottom. I think this helps kee algae at bay or other excess spikes


I have a 75 gallon heavily planted and do 50% once a week.


I always do 50-75% every week in my 4 tanks. Fish love clean water and so do the plants


I do 50% a week on my tanks also.


I went down this road with my 10 gallon. I was changing the water 40% weekly but the parameters never spike so I wanted to see how long I could go. Well, the tank stopped doing well after 2 weeks even though the parameters are still perfect. Something is building up in the water that I cant test for. So im back to 40% weekly on both my tanks. I would recommend continuing with heavy water changes


I’ll just chime in that I also do 50% once a week with my tanks which are heavily planted. The plants appreciate the replenishment of minerals and buffers! If you get a hair algae or diatom problem do a big water change instead of the normal 50%


I do a 30 percent water change once a week, its not due to nitrate issue or anything its mainly to replace minerals for the fish and plants.
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