How often do you feed your fish?

How Often Do You Feed Your Fish?

  • Once a day

    Votes: 61 46.6%
  • Multiple times a day

    Votes: 44 33.6%
  • Every other day

    Votes: 12 9.2%
  • Once a week

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  • Other (please specify in comments)

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I feed the community twice a day then after lights out I feed my cories sinking pellets. I'm probably the king of overfeeding. Lol.

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I'm curious how often I should feed my fish. The directions on most of the fish food I've seen recommends twice per day and to only use enough food that the fish can consume in several minutes. Is it okay to feed them first thing in the morning and be done with it?

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I usually feed once every other day to keep my ammonia down. Feeding one per day isn't bad, but I wouldn't do twice a day.
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I turn off any water circulation including air stone, and feed tiny amounts twice a day because I like to watch them eat.
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I used to feed once a day but recently I’ve changed to two small feedings when the lights come on and just before lights go out.


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I like to do one per day when most convenient to clean extra food because my fish don’t always eat the same amount every day.
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So I have 19 fish:
3 firemouths
1 jewel cichlid
1 kribensis
1 electric blue acara
1 Senegal bichir
6 serpae tetras
6 Buenos Aires tetras.

I will feed them in the morning, they’ll eat all of it, and then later in the day, I drop in more food and they eat all of that too. Then at night I feed them again and they eat all of that. Am I overfeeding? Just now, I fed them and they all ate but my bichir didn’t get much, so I put another cube of bloodworms in a jar, spun it around with some water so they’d defrost and dumped them in. Everything ate, not just the bichir. So I don’t know what’s going on. Everything that isn’t a tetra is about 2 inches or so long.
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Fast days will always benefit fish, and it’s typically quite hard to underfeed. They are amazing at begging, and hardly do you ever see emaciated/underfed fish in the hobby. This will only happen if you TRY to starve your fish. If a fish is skinny, that is typically due to deformity, sickness, or sometimes age.

You’ll almost never seen uneaten food, as fish will eat just about everything you give them, but if there are leftovers this would mean you may want to consider reducing amount.

Bloating and constipation are both signs of overfeeding. Remember that the stomach of most fish is about the size of its eyeball
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If you don't have food waste then IMO you're not feeding too much. But be mindful excessive feeding leads to increased fish waste produced... If your filtration can handle it then you're good.
Bichrs like their snails and crustaceans. A lot of other fish won't bother the snails. I'd toss a couple of small ones in and see how it responds. They are nocturnal so you might not notice them scavenging. I'm not sure what you're feeding but perhaps the bichr would benefit from some sinking pellets that sink too fast for the other fish to grab. Just a couple.


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What kind of snails? I did feed him pellets this morning and he’s eating them fine, but I would like to feed him snails. He is really small though, only two inches, so I’m not sure what kind of snails to feed him.
My filter is a Marineland Emperor 400. So far it’s been working pretty well. Might install a few DIY filters or something later on, we’ll see, but the tank is pristine right now.
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I feed once a day their main diet which is NLS pellets and supplement norI for the tangs every other day.

What's your feeding schedule like?
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once a day, but twice if I have time.


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I usually do once a day with Omega Flakes and on occasion I put some bug bites or omega pellets for my corys... I have 7 tanks thanks to the $1 per gallon sale and partially this site ... I feed other things as well but the aformentioned foods are their staple diet.
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I go btwn once a day and every other? Depending. If just flakes/pellets more often. If shrimp every other or so.
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I feed 5-6 times a week and only once during the days I do.


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Depends. I usually feed twice a day the 20 gallons with the Black Ruby Barbs, Rummynose and Corydoras and once every two days the 5.5 gallons with the Celestial Pearl Danios. But since I moved the Celestial Pearl Danios in the 20 gallons, I feed three times a day. The only problem is that I don't see the Celestial Pearl Danios eating at all and that worries me.
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Flakes & pellets in the morning and a small amount of fresh or frozen in the evening. Duckweed as an occasional addition.
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I often feed my fishes when they still alive...When they die I feed them to other...
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Cichlid tank: once a day for diurnal, once a night for nocturnals.
Tropical tanks: once a day
Snail tank: 4 days a week
I fast everybody (including my husband) one day every couple weeks.
NOTE: Husband doesn't have to fast if he cooks that day lol!


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Twice daily, 7:00 am and 7:00pm. And then the catfish and clown pleco get fed around 9:00pm.
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I feed my 10 discus 2 times a day Monday through Friday once in morning and once in evenings when I get home from work. Weekends are 3 times a day breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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It depends on the fish and what kind of food I'm feeding.
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I feed twice a day .. a pinch of flakes for the top/ middle feeders and a pinch of bug bites for the bottom feeders. I try to be cautious not to over feed on this schedule. That's the biggest danger I see.

Every week or so I like to put some veggies (cucumber/ zucchini/ spinach) in for them to snack on while they watch TV.

86 ssinit
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Most tanks twice a day. What they can eat in 2 min. I use many different foods. Shrimp once a day or less. Discus are still young and under 9 months so they are eating as often as I can feed them. Maybe 6-10 times a day. Whatever they can eat in a min.
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Depends on the fish. I have a peacock eel who I feed less than once a week with live food that is on the larger side. The eel is supposed to be nocturnal but I found that once he associated me with worms he pops out whenever I'm in the room so I don't worry about feeding him at night anymore. There was little information about how often to feed these guys so after I got him (already full grown) I paid close attention to the size of his stomach and activity levels to find how often I thought best suited feeding him.
I rotate between pellets, flakes, seaweed sheets, freeze dried, frozen and live foods for all of my other fish 1-2 times a day.
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I feed as often as I can and my water change schedule allows ..
Few fish actually over eat as opposed to suffer from poor water quality when over fed ...
I dig fasting older big fish..I feed fry 10 times if I could ...
Again as much as water changes allow ..When I know my time for maintenance will be short I feed less..
Momgoose56 I like to fast myself ! I cook for myself also but less is more for us too..


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Either once a day or every other day, depending on whether or not I'm home or if I remember .
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Twice daily, 7:00 am and 7:00pm. And then the catfish and clown pleco get fed around 9:00pm.
Are you copying me???

Anyways my fish get fed at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm and then my Banjo, Pleco, and Twig around 9:00...
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I feed twice a day and have noticed they scatter and hide if I miss a feeding....
Taj Smith
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I feed once a day their main diet which is NLS pellets and supplement norI for the tangs every other day.

What's your feeding schedule like?

Once a day but sometimes twice a day depending on the type of food and what condition the fish is in.


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Twice a day. Have growing tetras.
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twice a day (3 Northfin betta bits)
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Twice a day, all four tanks.
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Only once a day. The fry tanks get fed twice.


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I'm supposed to feed them?!?!
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daily , every other day?

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