How noisy are pond filters?

This may have been better in the pond section but here goes anyway. Just how noisy are pond filters? If you were planning to have a big aquarium, say 1000 gallons, built would a pond filter be a viable option for filtration if the tank was going to be situated in your living room. Or would you end up having to shout just to talk to someone sitting right beside you. The only other options I could think of are a huge sump, hardly renowned for being quiet either or some custom built filter that will probably be more expensive than a small car.

The main reason I am asking is that I have never heard a pond filter in operation, for all I know they could be just as quiet as a regular canister filter. Essentially, in appearance anyway, they look just like oversized regular canister filters and they are pretty quiet these days so I live in hope.

I have used the pond filter in the link above, for my pond outside. I all ever heard was the water fall and nothing from the pump itself, however, it may be different in the aquarium but I cannot say for certain. Great filter though!

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