How Much To Stock A 36 Gallon?

I've had a 36 gallon aquarium for about five years now and I've really loved taking care of it. One of my oldest fish, an angelfish, recently died and I'm trying to decide whether I should get more fish or not. I currently have one remaining large angel, three platys, two corys, and two gouramis. Can I add more fish or should I leave it at this? I know corys prefer schooling so I thought about getting more of those, but I really did love having the two angelfish and I'm considering raising another. Back when I had two adult angels, I was doing 30% water changes weekly. It's also heavily planted which helps soak up nitrates. Do you think I had it overstocked or not?


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I'd personally stick with one angel. It's likely the new angel will end up being a punching bag for your existing angel....

As for cories, I would reccomend getting more. Looks like you have at least one bronze cory, so getting more of those would be a good idea. 6-8 bronze cories would look nice.

Another thing I would suggest is getting a school of larger tetras or rasboras, to add some visual interest. Couple of species come to mind, including rosy tetras, rummynose, lemon, black/red phantoms (either all!), harlequin rasboras, emerald eye rasboras and pristella tetras come to mind. A group of 8 -10 would look nice and really fill out the tank.

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