How much to feed goldfish? and other Goldfish Q's

Royal pleco

Hello, my and my mom just refurbished a 38 gallon tank, and she has wanted fancy goldfish for a long time.. In any event, I am getting 2 big and robust fancy golds ( red camp oranda, and a black moor) I think that's what they are. and a little fancy. so 3 in all. Will the big ones pick on the little guy? And how much should I feed them? I know pellets, and peas, zucchini, cucumber? Wha ratio should I do of the veggies to the pellets (and oranges which I saw petsmart feeding them today, is this allright?)
How is it my mom now has a tank 4X the size of mine! Funny how it happens, its a mothers day present I guess, we both worked on the project together. Thank you for your help..
Royal Pleco


Pellets would be the staple diet with the veggies as supplements. You could put the veggies in the tank in the morning, take out what ever they haven't eaten after about 30 minutes, then feed them a few pellets in the afternoon or evening. You will have to monitor the water quality closely with three goldies in a 38 gallon. The larger ones should not bother the smaller one but you will need to make sure that everyone has an equal chance at the food. My goldfish get pellets, occasionally tubifex worms, and they eat the moss/algae in the pond. I've never tried oranges. Mine do like the occasional leaf of romaine lettuce. And of course any bugs that happen to be close enough to the water for them to nab.


My goldies are part of a coldwater community now but they get basically a 100% pellet diet and they've been great. I do drop in bottom feeder pellets (for the cory's) which the goldies sometimes find as well. The WCMM get crushed flakes which the goldies will go after occasionally.

No one in the tank will touch veggies or anything of the sort. However they'll go nuts for frozen blood worms A treat they're getting pretty regularly right now. (Oh and sinking shrimp pellets were a hit as well lol.)
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