How much time besides maintenance do you spend on your aquarium daily?

(Not including maintenance, how long do you spend on your aquarium per day?

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On the average, how much time do you spend on your aquarium(s) daily if maintenance is not included?

This can include enjoy the view, or feeding, or attempt to play with the fish, etc.

(maintenance such as water change, gravel cleaning, filter cleaning, take care of the plants, etc. do not count).

Would be nice also mention how many fish tanks you have.
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if not doing maintenance, I spend a few minutes feeding them...that's it. Does what you're asking include time spent watching the fish?
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Pretty much it's the time you spend on watching the fish.

I included feeding because usually people watch for at least a few moments during the feeding.
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I have 2 tanks, a cichlid tank and a spotted green puffer tank. I'd say about an hour a day. I like to watch them watch me. Lol. Plus they recognize me and totally get excited when I come around.....or I turn a light on in the room.....or my alarm goes off....ect...
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My five tanks are in my bedroom/office, lol. I have my tanks all of my bedroom furniture plus a small computer table and chair. I spend a lot of time up there (some days more than in the living room) so I usually sit and watch my fish and feed all five tanks and turn on lights to the tanks so it rounds out to about an hour or two just about every day.
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Even though I only have a 7.5 and a 10G, I spend a while looking at them. At tea time, I watch Foo and my endlers. When I'm *supposedly* doing homework, sometimes I watch cosmo and the cories. Today, I saw the cories laying eggs!

That and feeding time... For a good hour or so.
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Between 1-2 hours each day.

I have 7 operational tanks.

I watch my fish (6 tanks are in the lounge room) instead of the TV a lot of nights.
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All the tanks in my info. are in our living room, so I'm constantly staring at my fish. I love when my goldy Dezzy sees me across the room and makes feed-me faces.

Sometimes I'll be watching Melvin and I just get mesmerized. I'll realize all of a sudden that I've just been sitting there like a creep staring at my fish. I wonder if they ever feel a little violated.

The cat room has a couple more tanks. Those I probably only half an hour with each day. They're a betta tank and a bbg tank. The kitties, on the other hand, spend a good five hours a day staring at those two tanks.
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I spend from 30 minutes to an hour watching/feeding my 4 tanks each day. I walk by my 14g and my 28g many times during the day and always stop to see what the fish are doing.
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I spend a lot of time watching my 3 tanks. I put over 3 hours a day. I live for my fish lol (I have no life XD)
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It's tough to say how much time, cause there is a tank pretty much everywhere you look
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It's tough to say how much time, cause there is a tank pretty much everywhere you look

I'm working on that...
So far - kitchen? Check. Lounge? Check x6. Guest/cat room? Check. Music room? Out of bounds. Bathroom? Out of bounds. Hallway? Hmmm, not enough room. Master bedroom? Oh boy am I working on that one...
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I've scaled it back since getting a place with my girlfriend. When I lived in my place, I had 18 or 19 tanks running. Now there are just 12. I had to respect her wishes to decorate the house with something other than fish tanks
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Tell me about it... I was eying off Hubby's music room (sitting in it right now on the computer, perfect spot for another nano tank!), and he told me that there had to be at least ONE room in the house that I was not allowed anywhere near...

I spend a lot of time watching my tanks. 1-2 hours was a guess, averaged out over the week. Weekends I spend a lot more time because I'm not at work.
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Good morning,

I spend most of my day (more than 3 hours) in my fish room enjoying my fish. 3 tanks.

Nick G
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Depends on how many fish I have breeding at any given moment. If I have a lot of fry then I spend a LOT of time each day doing extra waterchanges and feeding, plus moving fry to the next tank as they grow. Plus I spend a lot of time watching the fish too!
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I voted 30 min to an hour.....but some days it could be a bit more.....just depends. I have a newly setup 75g, so that's my new "toy" and I stare at it often lol.

it seems out of the 5 tanks, I find myself gazing the most at the 2 community tanks.....and not the bettas. I like to talk to the bettas.....but it's just one fish, there's only so much you can watch lol
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We have 4 tanks (3 are mine, 1 is hubby's). I spend between 2-3 hours each day spending time with my fish, as I would spend time with any other animals I live with. Now that I have roughly 150 krib fry, I spend even more time monitoring them, watching behavior patterns, making sure the rest of the community in that tank is not overly stressed by the krib parents, etc.

But without babies around, yeah between 2-3 hours. My fish are my zen.
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All of my tanks are in my room so I pretty much stare at them all the time lol.
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would love to spend more time with my fish....but something about my kids needing help with homework and wanting supper...what are they thinking
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About 5 minutes a day feeding and checking water levels.

Between 10 and 30 minutes a day watching them.

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I usually stare at them for like... 45 minutes everyday!it's just interesting to see the cories eating the crumbs of pellets left on the driftwood when the lights are off, don't forget the friendly bettas ;D
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My tank is only a couple feet from my chair in the living room so I look at it all day.
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While I only have a 20 gallon tank in the living-room, I find myself watching the fish for about an hour a day. There is the time in the morning while I have my coffee. Then some time in the evening just before bed. I find it relaxes me tremendously.
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Agreed Qmarie - my tanks are my moment of zen every day. My computer is next to one and the other in in my babies room, so if i'm using my pc or playing with my baby (the 2 things I do the most!) I am able to enjoy my tanks too. I also retreat to the with a coffee when the kids are asleep and my hubby is otherwise occupied, and just stare at them and zone out. After 30min i'm totally rejuvenated!
Bad Wolf
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I use to have a desk with one of my 3, 8 gallon tanks on it. This was before I got the other two. I would sit on my lap top and watch them at the same time. Now, I can't do that anymore, because all 3 are on that desk! No space left! Lol.

I usually spend an hour, give or take, on my 55 gallon tank in my living room at night. Then about 1 and a half hours on my 4 other tanks in my room at night. Though, through out the day, I sit down and watch my fish. I went with 2-3 hours a day, but I can comfortably say I give them about 24 hours a week, not including maintenance. I don't do sport, and my only interest/hobby is fishkeeping, lol.
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The more stressed I get the more I stare at the fish. It averages out to under an hour a day.
Algae Eater
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I guess 30 minutes to an hour is the average. On Thursday, I tore down my 55 gallon to move to another location, and several times since then I have gone to the couch to stare at... an empty tank! It made me realize how often I just go sit there and look at them. I actaully feel some anxiety because it isn't there anymore. It will be in set up in the kitchen in the next few days and I spend most of my time in there, so it will probably be more time spent staring at it then. I also have two 10 gallon shrimp tanks in my bedroom and I check on them a couple times a day, when I turn the lighs on or off.
Roscoe Jackson
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It takes more than an hour just to feed all of the tanks I have right now.
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hey what comes under daily maintenance beside feeding them????
I spent at least 30 minutes before I get to bed and after waking up.
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About 22 minutes watching and 3 minutes feeding
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I said 1 to 2 hours but in reality it's probably a lot more.
It amuses me that every one who goes to the toilet in this house leaves the door open so they can watch the tanks out side the door, whistle whilst you pee in this house lol.
We have a tanks to each side of the sink in the kitchen so you can wash the pots and watch fish.
In the living room there are 6 tanks so pretty much everywhere you look you can see fish. The big tank in there is along a wall and about 3 feet in front is the sofa, more time is spent sat the wrong way round on the sofa looking at the fish than the right way around. Also to either side of the smaller sofa there is a tank, one ALWAYS has baby Endlers being born in it so everyone loves that and to the other side is my ram who dances for food.
In the bed room is my biggest tank which is supposed to have goldfish in but keeps being used for other stuff like emergency baby tank or a rescue mission tank. Also in my bedroom are my Goldies in a big bow front tank I'm supposed to be getting rid of I spend ages at night before I go to sleep watching these tanks.
Lastly my stepsons room has a big corner tank that every time I go upstairs I end up sitting down in front of for 10-20 mins lol.

I find my fish so relaxing
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I voted 30-1hr, but after reading all these posts that's wrong. My 45 is the focal point in living room. 20 & 5 are in kitchen. I can see all 3 tanks at once as they pretty much surround me. (LR & kitchen combined) Working on bedroom & bathroom in the future.
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I have a new 55 gal, a 75 gal, a 10 gal, 20 gal and a 3 gal 'hospital tank' and if I am not at work then I am typically in my 'fish room'... I have all my tanks in my home office and spend hours watching, feeding, worrying about my fish. I know immediately when something is not right.... like today, a little silver tipped tetra not looking good. He is now in my hospital tank and getting medications and I don't have to worry that my bigger fish will think he is a meal!!! Crazy about my fish!!!
A Sneaky Fatman
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I have trouble getting to sleep because all my tanks are in my room and on one side of my bed I have my african cichlid tank and on the other side is my goldfish tank.

I will easily spend an hour watching them and playing chase the finger.
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30 minutes to an hour. I love watching my fish and brewing up special meals for them, but I have a life too...(some people may disagree with that last statement...)
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I depends and I guess it depends what you count for this. I move plants and adjust the driftwood etc sometimes but it isn't necessarily maintenance.

I'd guess around an hour, give or take depending on the day. I count the fish to make sure there were no deaths, stare at them to make sure there's no visible signs of disease (spots, sores, fluffy bits, torn fins etc), check the temp and watch behavior to make sure no one is doing anything new and seemingly bad. Then I feed them and just watch to see them do their cute stuff for awhile.

I have my laptop in the same room, facing the tank and often while I'm online I look over at my tank, too. But I'm not counting that in my estimate.

ETA: I have a 5 gallon for my ADF and my ~24 gallon with my other fish.

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