How much should I be feeding my 55g tank?

  1. Websteria

    Websteria Initiate Member

    2 Scissortail Rasbora
    1 Red Bala Shark
    3 Gold Gourami
    3 Australian Rainbowfish
    5 juvenile Congo tetras.
    2 adult Congo tetras
    1 rope fish "Craig"
    1 leopard sailfin Pleco "Sanjay"

    I've been feeding flake mixture to them twice daily and also throwing in a cube of bloodworms and beef heart on alternate days (for the rope fish). I also feed algae pellets to the Pleco on alternate days.

    The reason I asked it because my nitrates had shot through the roof recently, so I did a 50% water change today and plan on doing another large one tomorrow.

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  2. OP

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    I really need to know. :(

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  3. r

    renthus Well Known Member Member

    Dial back to feeding once per day, and when you feed beef heart or bloodworms, compensate by reducing the amount of flake food you put in. It may be intended for the ropefish, but the rest are probably wild about it too.