How much should I ask?


You should look at craigslist or aquabid to compare prices. This way you know what others list there's for.

Betta/Horse lover

Maybe $200?


Betta/Horse lover said:
Maybe $200?
I would agree with this. IMO your lighting, filtration, and overall condition of the setup warrants a $200 asking price. Good luck with the sale!

Brittany Bam

So is it with stand ?

200 $ sounds right.

My 75 g. bow with the stand & filter was 275 $


I'd start at $250 and let them talk you down to $200. They'll feel like their getting a good deal!
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Yeah I listed it at $250. Hopefully someone will take it.


I'm not disagreeing with how much your setup is worth, but most people I know won't pay more money than twice the size of the tank. For example, 55 gallons times 2 would be $110, which is about as much as people want to pay for a used 55 setup. The only way you'll get the $200 or $250 you want for it is if you find someone who fully realizes the value of the equipment over the stuff that comes in a Petsmart starter kit. Otherwise, most people will look at it and think you're trying to rip them off. People who look on Craigslist for a fish tank either want to find one for less than the pet store, or they're hoping to find a size places like Petco/Petsmart don't carry. But since you're also offering the stand, you do have a better chance at selling it at that price.

I do hope that you get the full price you're asking though.

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