How Much Replenish For Five Gallon Tank With Distilled Water

  1. ChuthuluFish

    ChuthuluFish Valued Member Member

    just wondering how much, my water is unstable and my betta is in stress. so i was think to use a dropper for meshuring each gallon so could it work? does distilled water have a gh
  2. Coleslaw

    Coleslaw Valued Member Member

    Distilled water is not recommended for aquariums because is has no natural buffers to keep the water stable. This is probably why you are having unstable water parameters. I use tap water and I add stress coat. You can use any chlorine removing agent.
  3. DeltaDawn37

    DeltaDawn37 Valued Member Member

    Distilled water has 0* GH and 0* KH, and usually a low pH; if you use it, I recommend using a buffering agent (I have very soft tap water and use seachem neutral regulator to raise the KH and stabilize the pH) in addition to (or instead of - KH will stabilize your water, low GH is not bad for bettas) the Replenish. Since you are starting from 0, I would use half a teaspoon of neutral regulator powder and 1 capful of the Replenish, and then dose the water you use for changes according to the instructions on the bottles. I also recommend purchasing pH and hardness test kits to monitor things, and also to test your tap water: it is likely that your tap water will have a higher KH and may not require any treatment other than a dechlorinator.