30 Gallon Tank How much is too much?

After about half a year of keeping this 30gal tank I've ended up with:
9 Rummynose Tetra
9 Sterbai Corydoras
4 Honey Gourami
3 Nerite Snails
50 or more Cherry Shrimp
20 Ramahorn Snails constant population being pulled when doing water changes

I wanted to add maybe 3 more tetras and 3 more corydoras. My display tank has survived a possible colunaris infection only claiming one corydoras and ich was killed off in quarantine and never broke out in the main tank. I do 50% weekly water changes (try to split up twice a week when I have time) and feed only a few ml of flakes or pellets for the tetras and gourami, with 4 hikari meat-based pellets for the corydoras and shrimp. Usually the shrimp are happy to just eat as much biofilm in my heavily planted tank. Not sure if I'm overfeeding and causing the ramshorns to keep multiplying. Filtration is an Aquaclear 50 and Ehiem 2213 with lots of plants to help filter out nutrients and give surface area for beneficial bacteria. Tank also has low 1 bubble per 3 seconds CO2 injection from some DIY soda bottle set up.

This is kind of an overall post at this point asking if I'm doing an okay job with my tank and if I can safely add more fish.
Your tank is unreal, very beautiful. I say yes, you would be fine with 3 more of each. I would consider that to be a 'full' stocking.

Overall really excellent job.
I agree with everything Pfrozen said. Is that plant in the back cabomba? I just recently tried some, but it doesn't look anywhere near as good as yours.
Your tank is a bit overstocked, but with all the plants, you're good. On that note, your tank is very beautiful. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it.
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JettsPapa said:
Is that plant in the back cabomba?
Hi JP, what I have is Limnophila sessiliflora (LS) and it was what I got instead of cabomba because it's what one of my LFS had in stock. From what I know LS is less demanding than cabomba to take care of when looking at lighting and water conditions. After a quick internet search some places might see LS as illegal due to it's rapidly producing nature as a noxious weed. This makes sense to me as I started with 2 stems and over about 4 months ended up with that nice background. When I do trimmings I'm careful not to throw bits into the water management system and I throw them out in the compost. If you're interested in this plant I'd suggest looking up what your local government says about it. I live in Ontario Canada and my government provincial (state etc.) government site does not list this plant as a concern.

Cory04 said:
Your tank is a bit overstocked, but with all the plants, you're good. On that note, your tank is very beautiful. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it.
Thanks! I'm wondering though if by overstocked you're looking at it from a bioload perspective or from a general idea like "inch per fish" rule. I understand that bioload in small volumes of water might be bad but I'm not really sure how to calculate it.

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