How much is too much?

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    My little albino bristlenose pleco seems to be doing fine... And I have been offering all the fish in his/her tank both cucumber and zucchinni. As long as the piece of veggie is in the tank he parks on it until it's removed. Stuffs himself till I shake him off. My question is: can he get too much of a good thing? Grover is only about three months old.. If he fills up on this type of vegggie will he get enough nutrition? Both cukes and zucchini are not calorie dense veggies. The other fish are adults and used to other foods... But I'm concerned he'll pig out on the c&z and not get enough fuel.
    How often should I make veggies like c&z available? Once a week? More?

    Oh and another question.. How soon will lil Grover get his bristles? Again, he's roughly 3 months of age..Could it be that Grover's a Grovette?
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    My Bn does the same & parks himself on the veg, thanks to a tip on here I stuff plec pellets into the veg so he gets the pellets without them being stolen by the other fish. I keep a piece of veg in the tank most of the time.
    As long as his belly is nice & round then he's getting enough nutrition.
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    I feed my bottom dwellers (Sail Fin and Bristle Nose Plecos, Cory Cats) a slice of raw zucchini stuffed with wafers and foods sticks every day. I slice it round about 3 to 4" thick, weight it with plant anchors to make it sink. I remove the slice after 5 or 6 hours before they get to the plant anchors and I lose them in the substrate. :)

    I stuff the slice with wafers and food sticks so that the bottom dwellers get a chance to eat before the food is stolen by other tank mates.

    I have a female Bristle Nose that is 4 years old and has very little bristles. Females do not have bristles so profound like the males. If you have males, I would think the bristles should start appearing around 4 to 6 months or so but let's get more responses on this. :)

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    Thanks for the quick responses,

    I love the idea of stuffing the slice with other goodies for the ground crew. There's a regular food fight every time I feed the tenants. I've been really worried that Grover might only be getting to lick the plates. Now I 'll have a way to see to it that he gets his share.

    I've been spearing the veggie of the day with a stainless steel fork and putting it in the tank. It's not pretty but it is easier for me to grab and remove the leftovers.

    Grover's snout is smooth as a baby's bottom, and it is nice to know that I may still have a chance at owning a male..which brings to mind another question : Are bn plecos very social or are they loaners except when breeding?
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    Good morning,

    My female Bristle Nose is a loaner. She is a feisty girl too. Many times she will run other fish (Cory Cats) off the slice but her and the Sail Fin Pleco I have will share. :)

    I see the Bristle Nose most often during feeding time. Other than that, she likes to hang out under and usually attached to my Malaysian Driftwood. They love to rasp on the wood and it aids in their digestive system.

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    I've noticed that the bristles appeared when my male was about 2-2.5" long. I don't recall how old he was though.