how much gph do i need in my Saltwater aquarium?

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    I have a 55 gallon aquarium and I was wondering how much flow rate my powerhead should have. Its a fish only tank so i dont have to worry about corals. Also i was wondering how i should angle them. thanks!
    {need more info ask ill leave a comment}
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    Post #3 in the following thread covers flow rates for various SW setups

    It kind of depends on how your system is setup.... sump? skimmer? but you want to aim for a total minimum flow of 10x (550GPH) in a FO/FOWLR.

    Positioning depends on how many power heads you use. If just one, then point toward a wall so that it bounces off the wall to create some turbulence. If you have two (recommended), point them toward each other to bounce into each other and create turbulence.