How Much Food For Goldfish?


So I have a pair of regular, good old fashioned common goldfish in a big old tank in my house. They're both big babies, I got them from a fair when I was younger and dumber.

They're about five years old each and about a hand length long (so about 5-6 inches?)

I've been improving their lives since I realized that fish need, yknow, and it just crossed my mind.... am I feeding them too much? I feed them twice a day and about half a handfull of pellets a day IN TOTAL.

I feed them omega one goldfish pellets, but how much do y'all think I should feed them? Or is that good?


Should be ok. However if you notice they don’t finish up all the food within a few minutes and they leave it there to rot, then feed them less.


Do you know how much your fish weigh? That's one way to do it. I weighed mine (put a plastic container of their water on a digital scale, zeroed it out and then put a fish in) and it wasn't that hard to do. They say to feed 2% of their body weight a day. I weighed in grams and then checked out how much food I was normally putting in to see how close to that I was getting, divided into at least two meals a day.


My Goldie's love to eat plants too. I like to feed them duckweed! I know some people feed leafy veggies too just an idea


sounds about right



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