How much fish food?


I have been told, by the shop, to only feed one flake per fish per day.
This seems a bit slack on the fish's behalf, even though I am still cycling up my first 53ltr tank for the second week.
The fish shop said over feeding will upset the cycling pattern, but I feel I am starving the fish.

How much flake food do I feed my two fish (Molly, Swordtail)?



You should feed them all they can eat in about 2 or 3 minutes. This will take some experimenting, and you will probably overfeed for a couple of days until you figure out how much that is. Overfeeding won't mess up your cycle, but it can pollute your tank to where you will have to do water changes more than you should during the cycle. Do you have any other fish in that tank? WELCOME TO FISHLORE!
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Just the two fish. THANKS!

Love the forum. I've learn't so much already from it & the web.


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