How much filter for a 40


I’m starting a 40 gallon breeder using sponge filters. My LFS had me buy 2 rated for 50 gallon tanks. He was trying to get me to buy one big one but I knew it was going to be unsightly. Do you think one sponge filter will be ok or should I run both?
second part to the question. I have a tetra whisper 40 and 100 which one should I use to power the sponge filter?
I plan to stock The tank with self breeding crayfish and and danios


any filter that is "rated" for a certain size aquarium is purely arbitrary and only given for marketing purposes.

Filter brands have no way of knowing how the tank is stocked.

You can always try placing the sponge filters in the back corners and using some plants in front of them to help hide them.

I would recommend to run 2 sponge filters and keep them both cycled. That way, you can set up a quick hospital or quarantine tank by pulling one of them out of the 40g and drop it into the hosp/quarantine tank.

Very handy to do when you get new fish, or you have some that appear ill.

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