How Much Are My Fish Worth


Hello Everybody,
Been off awhile, going to move soon and can’t take the tank with me. I was wondering what’s best way to sell it. I’ve invested so much into it. I have no idea how to price fish. Maybe you guys can tell me good prices for fish. I originally intended to sell tank/fish/filter/lights/decor all together so I could enjoy until it sells, but many people have asked for either just tank or just fish.

So I will post stocking list... I know I have many mixes most would disagree with but my tank has been happy and healthy for years without death.

I’ll post fish and size and some details and what I paid for it. I’m not trying to sell on here I know there are rules about that I just want them to go to good home and at least get part of my my money back. I’ll post gender if I know

- Male oscar, 11in, black and orange, very interactive and friendly, free got from friend
- female Oscar, the males mate, white and orange, also interactive, got from same friend, lays eggs a lot
- Arowana, 14in, paid $60 when small
- Red Devil 10in, he’s the meanie
- 2x Jack dempsey 5 in each $10 each
- 2x plecto (common I think) can’t get ruler to them but probably about 8-10 in
- endlicarI bichir 16 in $50
- blood parrot 8in
- strawberry peacock 7in $15
- convict Cichlid 6 in $10
- clown knife 11in paid $50

I know many say incompatible and overstocked
I have a large tank and I saved them many of them from people who had them in small tanks
I have no deaths and little fighting
Also they all are growing and showing color. My intention was to rehome many of them as they continued to grow but now I have to rehome them all. Thanks for guidance

No price means we’re given or saved from people


Can I just say that it's an unspoken rule you will always get waaaay more money by selling individually than as a collective I got a whole tank set up for less than £8 but almost every item in that collection I could sell on individually for more than that.


I can't help with prices but you actually can sell them on here if you post it in the buy, sell, trade section; you have enough posts.


Honestly, theyre worth nothing unless you can find someone willing to buy them.

Theyre fish, and people can buy babies for cheap and enjoy watching them grow. Selling adult fish is SUPER hard. I see people giving away fish all the time, let alone selling them. I just picked up 2 convicts from my local petshop for 50 CENTS because they were a surrender. The owner didnt know about them, didnt know how big they got, how aggressive they were and they killed off the rest of their fish. He brought them back, the pet shop took them for free and I gave them 50 cents for the pair.

Post them in the buy, sell, trade section of the site. You have enough posts and you'll get a lot more responses there.

Good luck!

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