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    Once my tank is completely cycled, I'm curious to know how many White Cloud "Minnows" I can put into the tank. I was thinking putting 4 to begin with, and then after two or three weeks of consistent clean water readings introduce another 4 totalling 8 and then stopping there. Being that white cloud's are schooling fish should I start with more than four?

    My tank is a 10gal with a Topfin power 10 filter and a Tetra whisper 10i internal filter. It has some fake plants and a piece of driftwood if that's of any relevance. No real plants yet but i really would like to look into that once i have more experience in the hobby.

    Thanks in advance for any responces :)
  2. JDcichlidlover

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    imo that should be just fine. stock slowly just because you don't want ammonia poisoning. with my tank i did two at a time every few weeks. but I have cichlids not minnows.
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    Hello; While having a group of four is likely to be fine, there has not been any harm when I have kept fewer numbers of fish even down to an individual.
    In stocking a new setup a key factor is to add fish slowly over time to give the beneficial bacteria(bb) population time to adjust to the added ammonia load.
    I personally like to have a group of white clouds due to the pleasure of watching them. I have at times over the decades wound up with singletons or pairs. The singletons did fine, some for a long time.
    There was a study reported some months ago indicating that schooling behavior is likely a survival response to predation more than a social behavior. I have a tank with 30+ neons and four white clouds. Once they settled in I have observed that there is very little schooling behavior, with each fish swimming at random.
    Within a large group of like fish, such as white clouds, I have observed display postures between males. The males will swim near each other while flairing fins to their full extent. I enjoy these displays.
    The neons will sometimes go thru similar antics swimming in circles but I am less certain that this is male display as the sexes are more difficult to identify.
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    I think that the 4 and then 4 later is fine, thou I will say I wouldnt put a whole lot more in that tank, they do tend to get up and moving around quite a bit.

    @skjl47, Your right the schooling behavior is more about predators than anything else, however, if you look at fish like loaches and cory's the personalities of the fish change drastically when there are more of the same type of fish in the tank. I would also add that some fish become more aggressive when not kept in larger groups of the same species, while I will not rule out inter species schooling to quell that it is not something that you usually see.
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    Yeah i bought the ten gallon with the intent of keeping only the 8 white clouds. Thanks skjl47 and pirahnah3 for confirming that adding 4 at a time will be fine. All i have to do is wait for my tank to be fully cycled (no rush) and then my fish friends will have their new home. I'm using the API masters freshwater test kit to do water readings and currently doing a fish-less cycle that i found here on fishlore ( link: )

    I just wanna thank everybody for responding again! Have a great weekend and upcoming week :)
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    We are always happy to help someone, and glad to hear you are doing a fishless cycle, so much better for the fish. Good luck and cant wait to see the tank all decorated and stocked!

    As far as the plants go, do a little reading and stick to some low light hearty plants and you will be fine with the tank you have. There are plenty of us here who have done planted tanks.