How Many Tangs

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Stocking' started by Chevytruck, Apr 21, 2018.

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    A little more information would help our salty members help you, for instance there are many species of tang so which would you like to know about?
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    For a Blue tang, I would think only one, maybe 2, but I've personally never kept one, I just know they get massive.
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    Yellow tangs. How many yellow tangs can live happy in a 125 gallon?
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    Honestly it's a shoot. If you end up getting a male and female pair (good luck with that one) then they will probably be fine. If you get a pair of Tangs the safest approach would be to QT and observe for several weeks and then add them in a pair of acclimation boxes not too far from each other. This way they will take out their aggression on the acclimation box instead of each other while they get used to things. I definitely wouldn't add more than a pair of the same kind as Tangs are known to hate each other and it's worst when they are the exact same kind or the same base species.
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    Thank you. So no two of the same base species. Because I don't have the means right now to quarantine and keep them face to face in separate tanks. Just thought of setting up my 55 gallon in the garadge for a quarantine tank. Off topic but what is the best brand for coral dip or what should i use?
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    Some people like copper for fish (definitely not coral though). Personally I am a fan of the watch and observe method as needlessly exposing your fish to chemicals might actually do more harm than good. If the fish displays signs of ich or velvet then treat with something like copper. As for setting it up in the garage, it will be really difficult to maintain the temps in your garage.