How many shrimps for a 1.5 gallon cylinder?


I have a 1.5 gallon glass cylinder (see photos) and I want to put some neocaridina davidi in there. The plan is:
-Do an aquascape with few rocks (I want the most amount of "swimmable" volume)
-Carpet with lots of plants (aiming for a no filter vase)
-put the shrimp after the vase has "cycled"

As I said, I would want to know how many of these shrimp can stay in the vase thriving.


A rough rule of thumb is 5-10 shrimp per gallon. I would aim on the lower end of this to start out with and probably would try to put in all of one gender, a single hatching will put you at 2-3x this.


You need to do a lot of research on the Walstad method, there are topics here on fishlore, you can't afford for ammonia & nitraits to build you'll have to also keep a close eye on the GH along with temperature.
Set the tank up as you want it, without a filter I don't know how you get it cycled, and give it at least 4/5 months to see how it stabilises before adding shrimp


If your plants are thriving in place before you add shrimp and you acclimate the shrimp well you'll be OK. The added benefit of waiting for well established plants is seeing what possible pests can pop up and take them out much easier than when you will have shrimp inside. I would get 5 shrimp. More can fit but the 5 will multiply well for you. Do you have a good light?


ROFEA said:
. . . More can fit but the 5 will multiply well for you. Do you have a good light?
. . . assuming you don't get all one sex.

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