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I currently have 2 ottos and 4 amano shrimps (yamoto) to battle my algae problem in my 30L aquarium.

However, I should’ve done more research on ottos as I later found out that they don’t touch the main and only algae I have, brown hair/thread algae which is a huge problem right now as they are covering the carpeting plants and preventing them from photosynthesising and growing.

The algae was caused from going away for 6 days and forgetting to turn on co2.

Anyways, the question is how many more amano shrimp can I keep in this 30L aquarium, with already 2 ottos and 4 amanos? I am planning to not have any more fish and dedicate the tank to the amanos and 2 ottos only. Is 8 more amanos ok? Or is it simply too much bioload for the 30L tank?

PS. The tank is fairly new, 3 weeks old, and I have done everything to get rid of the algae from manually removing the hair algae every morning, changing 50% water every 2-3 days, lowering light intensity by half, limiting light hours to 7 and a half hours, using a twinstar, using UV 24/7, bumping up
Co2 a little, limiting ferts to half the dose and recently started using shrimp/fish/plant friendly anti hair algae chemicals.

Also it’s impossible to removing waste from the bottom of the aquarium as a vacuum would simply uproot all the carpeting plants.

Thank you in advance for the help


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8 should be fine. But try to remove waste from bottom as much as you can, disturb it with hand and then siphon it or something like that.
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