How Many Shrimp Are To Many

  1. Dropszecolorlord

    Dropszecolorlord Valued Member Member

    I'm going shopping today for a tank i have enough space for a tank under 5 gallons i was looking at 2.5 and 3.5 tanks. i'm looking to set up a invertebrates tank with a few amino/ghost shrimp and some snails. i would like to use them for observation if i were to get a pair of say zebra nitrates how many shrimp should i get?
  2. BottomDweller

    BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    For a 2.5 gallon or 3.5 gallon tank I would recommend red cherries or crystal reds. Personally I wouldn't keep amanos in there as they get to 2" long. I think 1 nerite and 3 ghost shrimp or 1 nerite and 8-10 red cherries/crystal reds would be good for a 2.5 and 1 nerite and 4-5 ghost shimp or 1 nerite and 15 red cherries/crystal reds would be good for a 3.5.
  3. -Mak-

    -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    I don't recommend crystal shrimp for such a small tank if you're a beginner, they are much much harder to keep and are more sensitive to fluctuations in small tanks than cherry shrimp. Rule of thumb is 10 shrimp per gallon, but be sure to start removing them if you hit that.