How many peas?

Discussion in 'Platy' started by babygirl303, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. babygirl303New MemberMember

    have two juvenille swordtails and 3 platy, i was told feeding them frozen peas once a week was a good idea, i brought a bag of baby peas, but i dont know how many to give them, any ideas?
  2. angelfish220Well Known MemberMember

    not many... I find it helpful to defreeze the peas with warm water then take off the outer husk. The peas are naturally in halves, so I take each half and cut it down into a fish sized bite. It would probably take maybe 3 or 4 peas to make a big meal for 5 fish.
  3. babygirl303New MemberMember

    awesome, thanks heaps. i'll do that
  4. babygirl303New MemberMember

    ok, so i did what you said, and when i put them in, all the fish went straight to them, but before they got a chance to eat any, the peas sank to the bottom. The fish didnt know what to do, they kept swimming to the top looking for the food. Then my male platy got upset and started chasing the little swordtails away and trying to nip at them. I put a little bit of flake food in hes stopped chasing them now. Hopefully they'll eventually find the peas and eat them before they rott.
    Maybe i should have cut them into smaller peices? i only cut each pea half into quarters.
  5. babygirl303New MemberMember

    Maybe im not feeding them enough? ive been really carefull about not over feeding, but now that the flake foods all been eaten, the fish keep swimming up to look for food, and everytime one of the little swordtails swims up, the male platy charges at it. As soon as hes chased it far away enough, he darts back to see whether there was any food there.