How many pearls in a 38 gallon standard (36x12x19)?

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    nkfarwell New Member Member

    Heya, I've been thinking about stocking my tank with Pearls, but am not sure if I have the room. Apparently they do very well in harems of 2f 1m, but I've been told that would be overstocking by some and that it would be fine by others. What is the consensus here? Should I get a pair or a harem? Bonus points - what would be a good tankmate for this environment? Thank you!
  2. aliray

    aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. I don't have pearls but others do and I am sure they will be along to help. ;)Alison
  3. MokAquariums

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    I would suggest going with 2f and 1 m. Based on past experience the male occasionally chases the females so it would be better to have 2 females so one doesn't get picked on until it dies.
    Also the pearl gourami is one of the more peaceful gouramis so as long as you give them personal space many community fish would be ok! (Just don't put other species of gouramis cause they will battle to the death)