How many Neons and zebra danios can I add 20 Gallon Tank

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    I have a 20 gallon tank ,tall, that has 5 zebra danios, a pleco, a betta, and about 9 guppies. I am thinking about returning the pleco and keeping only 4 male guppies. how many zebra danios and neon tetras can I have with the betta amd 4 guppies in there? My zebra danios are nippy fish they keep nipping my guppys. =[ It has about 13 live plants. I have my temperature at 83-84 degrees so I can cure the ich outbreak from my neon tetra that ALL died out.(When it was still in the nitrogen cycle I think) I don't have a water parameter test kit. I need to get one. Would keeping the heater next to the HOB Powerfilter really help circulate the water so that the water at both sides will be equal?
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    Do you totally understand the Nitrogen Cycle?

    if you do continue if not check it out.

    betta really need to be kept by themselves. They will either fight other fishies to the death or eat the other fishies or other fishies will nip their beautiful fins into oblivion and the betta will eventually die from it.

    I would highly recommend returning the pleco, I'm assuming that it is a common pleco that will eventually grow to be at least a foot long! There is definitely no room for a common pleco in a 20 gallon tank.

    I would suggest you choosing between the betta and the rest, or getting a 5 gallon tank for the betta, so he doesn't harass or be harassed. That being said I don't think that the zebra danio and the guppy would work because as you said yourself the zebra danio are nippy fish.

    I know thats a lot to take in, but thank you for reading, and I hope it aids you in making an informed decision.
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    I would wait to put any more fish in there until you are done treating the ich.With an AC30 you have plenty of water movement so I wouldn't worry about circulation.I don't want to asume anything but,if you don't have a test kit how do you know if you are even cycled.I would wait until you bring the temp back to normal and observe your fish for a week or so to make sure everybody is acting normal.You might have high readings across the board,that could definately cause ich.You really need to test your water with a liquid test kit.
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    Since it's a tall tank, I wouldn't suggest getting any more fish, especially with that pleco in there. There just isn't any more swim space.

    And like above members stated, I think that you should move the betta into a separate 5 gallon tank on it's own. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but male bettas might attack fancy guppies (or any colorful, fancy finned fish).
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    Honestly, I disagree about the guppies. I've had friends breeding guppies, and keeping bettas in them. I've never heard of any problems either. If your guppies aren't getting ripped to shreds you should be fine. HOWEVER Zebra danios are tail-nippers. They will nip at your betta, and each other, and anything they can get their mouths on.

    Personally, I love bettas, esp. in community tanks. I'd return the pleco danios, keep the neons and guppies, and keep the betta. I can't really help much with stocking, though, I am a betta person and have never stocked a 20 or kept neons or danios.

    Please remember though that everything I have said must be taken with a grain of salt. you must figure out if your betta will be okay with said fish. If he is too aggressive, make sure you have a backup plan. I'd probably understock the tank to give the betta some room. After about two weeks of having your desired species in the tank with the betta, you should be able to gauge how he treats the other fish. As long as his fins are healthy and your little fish are all still kicking, you should be ok.
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    I depends on the betta's personality, but I personally wouldn't do a male betta in a community tank, especially not with such active swimmers as guppies, danios and tetras. I had my son's male betta in with some guppies and platies temporarily and poor Gordon (the betta) got so stressed out that his color STILL hasn't come back and that was over a month ago. They didn't nip his fins at all, but they're so active and bettas are so sedate that it's just not a good mix. Imagine being a laid-back person and being around fifteen or so hyperactive people slamming espresso all day. That's what it's like for a betta in an active community tank.
  8. pepetj

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    emberly: Whatever I say should also be taken with a grain of salt.

    In my experience as fishkeeper I have tried a small school of guppies and one female Betta. I began reading AFTER I got them home (I know better now) and the info I provided is what I found out there, plus my limited experience. The flair of the tail of Fancy guppies, along with their usually bright coloration elicited aggressive behavior on my otherwise peaceful girl (you can see her in my signature).

    She happened to enjoy the company of the fast swimming Danio rerio specimens (I had a mixed school of short and long finned leopard hybrids, zebra, and glofish danios), to the point that as a juvenile she even swam counter-current as the Danios used to and she seemed to prefer the company of two specific ones (one Leopard hybrid, one Zebra). She also did well with small shoals of Neon Tetras and Fire Rasboras (hard to find little fish). This happened in a 10gal planted tank, she was later moved to a 5.5gal.

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    Hi, welcome to FL. :)

    I agree with the others, don't add any more fish until you've taken back the pleco and also gotten your liquid test kit. You want to make sure the tank is cycled before you add any more fish.

    I also would not recommend a betta (esp. a male) in a community tank. Please consider getting him his own 2.5-5 gallon tank. I have had danios in the past, and they ate the tail off of one of my guppies - they are notorious fin-nippers, and shouldn't be put in with fish with long fins. Also, since they are so active, they are likely to stress your betta out, even if they don't try to eat him.

    Goodluck with whatever you decide, and enjoy the forum.