How Many Male Guppies Do I Need? Question

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Ladyglo, May 2, 2019.

  1. Ladyglo Valued Member Member

    I have decided to go ahead and try guppies after all. I purchased 2 male fancy guppies on Monday (3 days ago.) I have since seen that it is best to have 5 to 7 male guppies to disperse aggression. I would like to get another 3 male guppies ( both the quarantine tank and main tank should be fine in terms of bio load). I read a couple of places that you should start with 2 and then add 1 every week, if they get along okay. Is this overkill? I would like to go out tomorrow and get another 3 before the stores sell out again on the weekend, but I'll be patient if I have to be:meh:. I'm grateful for any advice, thanks.

  2. Addie42 Well Known Member Member

    How big is your tank? I haven’t really found male guppies to be aggressive to each other. Aggressive to females, yes
  3. Ladyglo Valued Member Member

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  4. JChi Valued Member Member

    I have 6 male guppies, and they occasionally chase each other, but nothing major. If your size tank I wouldn't worry about it too much. Guppies are fun because they are constantly moving and leave no part of the tank untouched.
  5. Ladyglo Valued Member Member

    Thanks for your input! I wasn't very patient:smuggrin: and went out and got my last 3 this afternoon. I will quarantine them for six weeks and then add them to the main tank.