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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Community_ricky, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    Im sure this question has been asked time and time again. But i cant find much info.
    As it sits my tank has been set up about 3 months. It is a 130litre 3 foot tank.(34g i think) i regually vacuum and change about 30 percent of my water (about 30-40 litres every 1-2 weeks) the tank is always clean. I have a 450l/hr hangon filter. 2x180 l/hr air pump.

    I have 8 neon tetra
    2 mollie
    4 platy ( roughly 4 or 5 babys aswell)
    2 guppy (roughly 6 or so baby plus shes pregnant again and im starting to get more fry)
    2 phantom catfish
    And 2 bristlenose catfish( the sucker ones)

    The babies are growing fast all have coulor and are about 1-2 cm if not bigger

    And some of the newer fry seem to be getting bigger also but she is still in labour and im seeing more and more everyday. What do i do? Is ther goung to be too many fish? Am i already overstocked?

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  2. goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    I would rehome the Phantom Catfish because they like to be in groups of 6+ and you don't have room for that. Also keep in mind that the fish are going to keep breeding and unless you have somewhere to put all the babies they will crowd out the Tetras.

  3. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    I already wanted to rehome my tetras for that reason. My guppy first had fry in the bag on the way home about 3 months ago and just recounted theres about 8 of them. Unfortunately i have nowhere to put her fry

  4. goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    See if an LFS will take them. Petco might also put them in the adoption tank.
  5. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    only 8..they make up to 30 sometimes
  6. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    There was 30 or 40 to start with. Gussing the male at all the baby males. I gave 6 away also. I wont let me post pics anyway. No petco or anything here not sure if petbarn would take the and i dont know what lfs is

    But she is pregnant again been noticing little fry here and there over the last few days and she is HUGE
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  7. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    lfs stands for local fish store
  8. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    Ill call and ask. Dint really want to just give them away though

    So ive set up another tank. Waiting for it too cycle, get to the right temp and clear up abit. What fish do you guys suggest moving? Its a 40 to 50 litre tank (2 foot )
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  9. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    Without serious predators in the tanks your choices are give fry away or keep buying tanks. You have way too many live-bearers for your tank. I started two new guppy strains in late April. Two breeding trios so four females. I have too many to count already. 200 fish for sure and some are now large enough to breed. They are called "Million Fish" in there native waters for a reason.
  10. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    Im sure i only have 1 male. It eats all the baby males doesnt it? How can you determine sex of the guppys?
  11. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    Anal fin. Triangular on a female, a gonopodium on the makes. Looks like a pencil shape for lack of a better description. The females will also have a gravid spot when they are pregnant which is pretty much always. It will be dark on most guppies. Reddish on albino strains. Gravid spot enlarges as they get closer to dropping fry.
  12. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    They all look the same to me
  13. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    Probably all females then since you have fry. Even without a male they can drop fry for a long time. It is theoretically possible for a guppy to carry enough sperm packets for her entire breeding life. Three or so batches is nearly guaranteed if they were ever around a male since sexual maturity.
  14. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    So i separted my male and female guppy. So i have 1 40/50 litre tank with 2 adult guppy and around 6 babie(all female) and 2 sucking catfish.

    My other tank is the 130 litre one that consists of
    8 neon tetra
    4platy and a few babies(3-5)
    3 molly
    5 baby guppy(all males)
    2 bristlenose catfish
    And 1 phantom catfish which i am trying to rehome

    Any suggestions? Not overstocked?
  15. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    What are the dimensions of the 130 liter?
  16. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    3 x 1 x 1.5 foot i think

    The sucking catfish in my smaller tank has gone missing. Both of them! Cant find either for the life of me, also i have a guppy that was meant to be male from the pet shop but when i separated the males and females i was 99.8% positive it was female so i put it with the females. But even before i moved them this guppy has a very large tumor like red bulge under its belly??
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  17. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    I'd do this in the 130 Liter:
    8 neon tetras
    4 platies
    3 mollies
    2 BN plecos
    1 bolivian ram
  18. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    I dont know where i would get a BN pleco
  19. FishFish221Well Known MemberMember

    Just a heads up, male and female livebearer fry (at least yours) all look like females until they are 2-4 months old.
  20. Community_rickyValued MemberMember

    The babys are 3 or 4 months old can quite easiky tell the males apart

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