How many is ok Question

  1. xARIZ0NAx

    xARIZ0NAx Valued Member Member

    OK so i have been educating myself in the matter of aquarium plants.:;banaman So i watched a lot of videos on you-tube and noticed that people with planted tanks went over the rule of 1" per gallon is that OK to do.:confused:
  2. can haz catfishies?

    can haz catfishies? Valued Member Member

    It all depends on what the stock is, how well planted filtered and maintained the tank is
  3. nippybetta

    nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    I agree with the above post- planted tanks can have more fish, but size and maintanance also come into play. The plants provide more oxygen, eat up nitrates, and hide shy fish, so planted tanks can have a few more fish.

    Personally, I like planted tanks best because the plants look really cool and the fish like swimming around in them.