30 Gallon Tank How many gouramis....


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... can I fit into my tank?

It's the hex in my profile, minus the AquaClear 30 and all fish besides the 2 Honey gouramis.

I want to get Sparkling gouramis to fill it up, they're so cute and I love how every time I go to the LFS I'll rest my finger against the glass and they'll ALL come swimming over to check it out... There's at least 15 in that tank, and every one of them is absolutely fascinated by me. And the little darlings are only $5 each!

I think my mom's going to get me a gift certificate for my birthday, so probably the amount of fish I get is going to be limited only by how many I can afford I want to get at least 5, maybe a couple more, and other than that just let them breed. I know a guy who started with 7 and wound up with 42 (which he knows because his tank sprung a leak and he had to track down and catch -every single one-) I'd have to get a grow-out tank if that happened to me, but can you imagine?

How many would be too many for this tank? Should I find another tank for the Honeys and make a species tank for the sparkles? How many more would I be able to keep if I did that?

I've got at least a month to prepare for the little fellas, any other tips or tricks for setting up my tank beforehand for their long-term happiness would be greatly appreciated!


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Gouramis can be pretty aggressive towards each other so I only ever keep one per tank. You could probably have 4 in total in that tank if you were to take out the Honeys.

Breeding them brings aobut it's own set of problems & you would actually need a couple of other tanks. Once they have spawned the female needs to be removed or the male will likely kill her. So you would need the main tank, a cycled tank for the female to be removed to & then another tank for the fry. If you have more than one pair of gouramis you will need a separate tank for each female that needs to be removed. I'm not sure how two males would go trying to tend nests at the same time in just one tank. I've never tried it but it sounds like it would be a problem.

I would stick with the Honeys personally.


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Everything I've read about sparkling gouramis says you can get a group. They don't "school", but they don't fight like other gouramis. I think sparklings are the only ones you could keep, aside from a single DG. Not sure how the DG will tollerate the sparkling gouramis though.

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