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I have been meaning to get some blue GouramI for my tank for a while now. I have 5 neons, and some male guppy in there. I'm moving my betta into a smaller 15 litre tank with my female guppies.

The tank is 60litres, and two foot in length.

I preffer blue Gourami, and I was hoping for the standard size- not dwarfed, because I really need some centrepiece fish in my aquarium. I hae also heard (I'm not 100% sure this is true though) that the dwarfed type is prone to more diseases, and are more aggressive. ???

How many would be prefferable in this tank?


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Considering they get up to 6", I'm not entirely sure they would be a good match for the smaller neon tetras. Though anything is possible. As for the dwarf, they are usually a bit more peaceful then their full sized brothers. Though I've heard that the Blue GouramI is fairly peaceful of a fish anyway at least with other fish. They will still be a problem to their own kind unless you maintain the 1 male to 2 female ratio. The best way to see a difference between the male and female is by looking at the dorsal fin. The male's fin is long and pointed, and the female's fin is shorter and more rounded.


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According to what I can tell, your 60L coverts to about 15g...Which is what I have....Gouramis generally need to be in tanks 20 gallon or larger.....So with the limited space for maneuverability you might not want to chance it...I wanted a full size gouramI as well, but decided against it when I read up on them...So instead I chose the Neon Blue Dwarf....He's quite the character and as it turns out is the centerpiece of the tank.

There are some beautiful color variations in the dwarf family...Honey Dwarf, Neon Blue, Powder Blue, Flame......The Honey Dwarf can be difficult to keep, but my Neon Blue is really a neat fish. He eats out of my hand and is quite the show off.

I've read where peat filtration is recommended, but I don't use it and my guy is just fine. Rather than on large fish, maybe you can get two dwarves...They will probably swim together if purchased at the same time. Just make sure you have plenty of hiding places and some tall or floating plants for them to feel secure.

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