How many ghost shrimp should I get

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    Paincoast89 Valued Member Member

    I have a 5.5 gallon tank and want some tank mates for my peaceful Half-moon Betta, so any recommendations for how many to get?
  2. Airth

    Airth Valued Member Member

    I think you'd be ok with around 5. I did some reading on nano shrimp and the article said 5-10 in a 5 gallon are good. Since ghosts get a little bigger than the nano varieties, 5 should be ok imo.

    As a side note, ghosts aren't always the healthiest shrimp as they're often sold as feeders. Not to say they won't do well in an aquarium (I have 7-10-ish myself). They're not the easiest to breed due to having to go through a larval stage before looking like miniature shrimp; you may find yourself replacing them rather than relying on them to repopulate themselves.

    Be sure you're really getting ghosts and not whisker shrimp. Whiskers tend to attack fish that they're housed with. Ghosts will have red areas on their antennae and claws, and red dots on their tails. Whiskers have blue areas and spots I believe.

    I'm hoping you'll like your shrimp as much as I like mine. =) they're funny little things to watch. Mine like to zoom all over the tank and pig out on cichlid, frog, and betta pellets. They even swim up to the top to get to them before everyone else. lol