How many gallons is my fish tank/stocking tips?

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    I'm new to this forum so i hope i posted this in the right place. M[​IMG][/IMG]y mom recently gave me a pretty tall half-moon aquarium with three fantail (or fancy, I'm not very sure) goldfish in it. I plan on rehoming the goldfish very soon because the tank looks way too small for them. The aquarium is 15 inches tall, 17 inches long, and 10 inches wide (from the largest point on the front to the back of the aquarium). Can anyone tell me how many gallons of water it can hold and what type of fish would thrive in it? [​IMG]
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    Not a math wiz but I can tell it's plenty big enough for a Betta and some shrimp! Possibly other options if it's 10+ gallons but if under 10 then Betta, shrimp, least killifish, small stuff like that. If 10 gallon you have quite a lot of options. Those goldfish are gonna be way too big, and likely require a tank bigger than you're willing to pay for or home (and eventually they'll need a pond because they get real big!)

    Actually just looking at it I think it's a 10 gallon so you may have many options!
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    That's what i was thinking but my dad was giving me about how it was way too much space for a betta! It's sad that when people see pet store bettas in those sad little bowls, they think that it's okay to keep them in athletic cup- sized tanks. I would love to get a beautiful male betta but I'm worried about the height being an issue since they're labyrinth fish.

    My poor mommy just didn't know how big goldfish get, it was all in good intentions. I plan on rehoming them sometime this week and hopefully someone will give them the right care.
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    Yep! 10 gallon and I actually looked up and found exact model I think you have. So yes 10 gallons. There's nothing wrong with putting a Betta in it although I might either sway towards a shorter fin one like a female or a Plakat (or petco's King Betta, like my Betta, Hugo) OR putting some sort of decor that is about halfway up the tank and it is able to rest on. The long fin bettas do get tuckered out easy but a short finned would be perfectly fine without even needing a resting place too far up. With that you could also have shrimp, as long as the Betta isn't too aggressive, and snails.

    But since this is a 10 gallon you have plenty other options. I'll let others fill you in on those.
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    Thank you so much! Funny thing is, my mom also gave me a female betta in like a half gallon tank or something heinous like that. I initially planned on putting her in the goldfish tank (after they were out of there of course), but decided to rehome her with the other fish because of my worries about the tank height. I'll definitely put her in there, and grow some tall plants that she can rest on if she wants to be near the surface. I'm probably not going to put shrimp in there because I'm currently working on a little aquarium just for shrimplies!
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    Perfect!!! You can always keep a non-breeding shrimp like Amano with your Betta (they only breed in brackish water. They are also a dull color so not too intriguing to your Betta maybe. My Betta totally ignores the Amano shrimp in his tank but will flare at snails because they have bright yellow colors) and then a bright pretty cherry shrimp type in the shrimp tank for breeding and thriving!
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    I really like the snail idea! What kind of snails would do best with my little lady? Should i make another thread for that question? (I'm sorry you guys, I'm stupidly new at this)
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    Not at all, and you can do nerites, maybe mystery snails. I only have experience with nerites. I have a horned nerite and a zebra nerite. They're nifty and you can get one of each color pattern to tell them apart. Beware though females will lay eggs and males will fertilize them so you can end up with babies. Also if you buy live plants you can also end up with pest snails if you care about that. I have pest snails and I just pick one out when I notice it gettin a little too big for my liking. I only have 2 nerites and they've never layed eggs as far as I can tell so, maybe I lucked out and got 2 males.

    EDIT: Oops, nerites only breed in brackish water Hahahaha so no babies, BUT the females will lay eggs all over the place either way. Some people scrape these out and some people leave them as natural decor.
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    I would do nerite snails. Their eggs can't hatch in freshwater so you won't become over run, plus they eat algae so can help with that if you have any. They like veggies too.
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    Thanks, two nerite snails it is! This is such a helpful community, i love you guys <3
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    Always here to help! Welcome to the family! Post back to us when you get her in the tank and stuff and feel free to ask questions about plant and animal care.

    Keep us posted! Good luck!