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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by ARQ, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. ARQ

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    I am looking to start a neon tetra tank with about 10 tetras and i was thinking of adding about 2 mystery snails, how would they be in a tank together? I currently have my mystery snails in two separate tanks with my two Betta fish but thinking of putting them with the tetras as i researched and heard of some instances where Bettas mistake the snails antennas for worms.
  2. Laxin10

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    You can put the mystery snails with the neons no problem, but that isn't really the concern.

    I know it will sound crazy because they are such little fish, but neons/cardinals love their space and really need a longer tank than what a 10 has to offer. If you can find the space and the funds to do it (it isn't too much more if you buy the equipment separately) a 20 gallon long is your best option. You could even add a centerpiece fish like a dwarf gourami in addition to the snails and the neons/cardinals.
  3. CanadianFishFan

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    The snails and neon should be fine.
  4. OP

    ARQNew MemberMember

    I will keep that in mind next time i go tank shopping, and start my tetra tank. Thank you!
  5. trainandfishguy

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    20 gallon tanks are easy to come by at Petco, especially during their $1 per gallon sale. You would be amazed at the behavior of your fish once they are put in a bigger aquarium. The same fish that were overcrowded in my ten gallon are thriving in my 26 long. They, school, swim and play all day.
  6. Kamaile

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    I actually even have a 20 long with a lone male betta in it, and he seems to be my happiest betta BY FAR...I would always advise getting too big of a tank rather than a tank on the verge of being too small if you want to do best by the fish.
  7. Colt47

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    i did the same mistake i except i had 5 cherry barbs and 5 neons. 3 of the Neons died from a mouth fungus in the first 3 months. i moved them to a 20 gallon and replaced them with a few cardinals (Petcentral was Sold out of Neons) and the barbs began to breed (Actually saw one the males Rub up on the Female and 4 eggs came out. and successfully raised 2 Cherry barb fry) and Neon and Cardinals Swam around with the Barbs and had no issues with illnesses
  8. OP

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    A friend told me about that sale, i think it is actually taking place at the moment in my area. I will have to go and check it out, if i do get a 20 gallon tank would 10 tetras be too much to consider?
  9. Colt47

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    That Depends on What kind of Tetra you want. If your thinking Neons and Cardinals you can have 12 of them. Bleeding Heart and Rummy nose Tatras you can have 6 maybe 7