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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by sharmander, Apr 9, 2019.

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    I’m not a stocking pro but I can already see things not going well with this thread... Nets flying sponge filters being swung around by their air lines heater going up to 120 degrees.. it just not going to be good

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    Given your current choice in fish I would say no, you can’t. Unfortunately a single bristlenose needs a 20 gallon tank because they need the biofilm to graze on, and they can be territorial so you may see some fighting. Skirt tetras are bigger tetra so they would also prefer a bigger tank.

    I’m sorry if someone else gave you the advise to combine these guys, but it is too much for a 10 gallon. If you’re able to return or swap out fish then we can suggest a much more livelier/colorful tank that would love 10 gallons

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    Unfortunately, both species will outgrow your tank space. A 20 long would be much better and you could do at least 6 white skirt tetras, and maybe another species of middle swimming fish

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    With your current stock, being that bristlenose reach about 6 inches each and can be territorial, I’d personally say you should have at least 29 gallons and hope your Plecos are male and female.
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    Lol I know eh just want snails again!

    Looking to trade my white skirts local pet store said they were the same as the neons

    Well unless you would suggest something other than the Neons I think they're the smallest though
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    Cardinal tetras, most rasboras
    I can't even fathom how they'd act like neons and white skirts grew to the same size
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    I've actually send petvalu a very angry message about there disclosure of the pets they sell after finding out what I have, these tetras are not in a big enough tank . And I really don't want to bring them back to the store I got them from because of their obvious lack of knowledge, so I'm contacting everybody I know that has aquariums to see if they have something larger than a 20 gallon and can fit them. Screenshot_20190408-102322_Messenger.jpg

    Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to send me a link I'm not big on colors or anything in particular having a fish tank and the maintenance of it is actually quite therapeutic for me. But the endlers omg omg I looked them up and there so neat looking
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    You’re very welcome! Just be aware that if you mix males and females they will breed like rabbits so you may want all males or all females if you want to avoid that. My mom LOVES breeding her fish so watching and feeding the babies is therapeutic for her
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    The tetras that are too big are going to someone with a 150 gal, there very experienced with fish so I feel it's safe and my plecos off to my friend with a 10gal as well ( better safe then sorry) so one pleco a betta thinking putting my snails in from the other tank venus is all better and needs space so thats why in go all the girl snails go to 10 gal, aries is back too he likes her plants too much haha but with the switch of the girls he now has his own tank that I will be planting in.
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    Dawn tetras are a bit smaller I so we t got a 30 gal but needs time to settle

    Got a 30 gal and dawn tetras lol

    Went out got 30 gal as well. If you worried I did take what you said to heart
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    Ahh, why wasn’t I updated about your posts? I’m glad you were able to work things out! It’s very unfortunate that people cannot correctly advertise their products in order to help their caring patrons.

    I’m so glad that you have friends who are able to help you! A 10 gallon is a snail and betta paradise! And now you are able to have a 30 gallon as well! That’s so exciting since that’ll give you plenty of stocking options. Post pictures when you have the chance :)