How many fish in 37 gallon tank?


By volume and bioload you have not reached the limit. The dimensions will tell you whether you reached the limit of species, though. So what are the dimensions?

You could (and should) stock up the tetras to 10-12 and the Corydoras to at least 10. You could go up to 15 if you like. Make sure it's the same species.


Thanks for your quick reply. 30” wide, 21” tall and 12” depth. I was thinking of adding 2 more corys and maybe some dwarf gouramis if they can handle my 80 degree water. I think I’m going to stick with 6 tetras. They seems to be happy in the school I have. Thoughts?


Stay clear of the gourami. The aggression is uncontrollable in a tank with such a small footprint. And if you get one - get exactly one. No more. I would not add one unless the top is covered in plants.
The tetras and Corydoras should be kept in bigger groups. Longterm the better option.

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