How many fish are in your tank

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    joe Member Member

    How many fish are in your tank(s)
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I have 2 oscars, 1 jack dempsey, 1 large pleco in my 100 gal. tank, 1 opaline gourami, 3 buenos aires tetras, 4 yo yo loaches, and 5 cory cats in my 20 gal. long, 5 koi angels in my 55 gal. tank, 6 neolamprologus multifasciatus in a 10 gal., and 1 large red eared slider in a 29 gal. tank. I have a 55 and 110 empty and waiting for fish! ;)
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    Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Umm here we go...
    ok in my 60 litre bi-orb I have just Taro, the betta.
    In the 30 litre we have 3 mickey mouse platys and now Slurp the pleco
    In the other 30 litre we have a dwarf gourami called Blue and an otocinclus called Otto.
    In the large tank I have 2 goldfish, 1 black moor,3 white cloud mountain minnows and 2 black neon tetras
    In the pond we have 4 goldfish and at the other house we have 2 goldfish.

    in my 170 litre I'm hoping to get some red tailed sharks, some robin gouramis, some tiger barbs and Slurp is gonna go in there too.
    I have to do some research into how compatible they all are still tho..
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    swimfan Member Member

    i have two black skirts in my 10 gallon tank ~ Sambo & Rambo. i really love them and think i'll get one or two more once the tank is cycled (if it ever finishes).