How Many Fancy Goldfish In 37g Tall (+overstocking?)

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Samantha Levine, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Samantha Levine New Member Member

    So this question may be very simply answered and I may just be being stubborn, haha. But I've done loads of research on fancy goldfish and the tank space they need and so on.

    I currently have a 37 gallon tall tank that is cycling with 5 zebra danios. Would I be able to get away with 2 fancy goldfish (I'm leaning towards Oranda) in this tank? Or would this best be suited for just one?
    I've heard a lot of conflicting answers when it comes to taller tanks and fancy goldfish. Also, I've learned that Zebra Danios are a somewhat safer species to keep with fancies since the danios are fast, though I know there can still be casualties.
    So in light of that, would keeping the danios with either one or two fancies overstock this tank?

  2. 75g Discus Tank Fishlore VIP Member

    What’s the filtration?

    2 fancies could fit, but they poop a lot so you will need good filtration.
  3. Samantha Levine New Member Member

    I currently have a filter fit for a 30g and another for a 20g. I am definitely going to amp up the 20g filter because one, it sucks. And two, I feel like I just should get a larger filter. I was thinking another 30g filter, but what would be best?
  4. Rtessy Fishlore VIP Member

    I mean technically a canister would be best, but those r expensiveeee. Get something that turns the volume of the water over 8-10x an hour, maybe even 12
  5. Rojer Ramjet Well Known Member Member

    Canisters aren't expensive; they're priced commensurate to their abilities.

    "Good for up to 30 gallons" really doesn't mean it'll filter a 30 gallon aquarium appropriately, just that it will, as a minimum, move "up to 30 gallons an hour." To what amount? Once, twice turnover?

    If you've a heavily populated tank, and two any kind of goldfish in a 30 is heavily populated, as said above, you'd want 10+ turnovers an hour. That either means a canister filter or professional HOB.

    Which goes to my first point; why rig something together when you can use the right thing to begin with? Especially if you're bent on heavily populating you aquarium?

    When I decided on my Fahaka, I did it right; large aquarium, two 500 gph canisters, daily 10% water changes, and twice weekly 50% water changes - correct substrate, correct live foods; we gotta make their lives as comfortable as possible; imagine being in prison, and you had to breathe your cell mates fecal discharges, and drink his urine...