How many Cardinals in 160 litre


Dippiedee said:
How many cardinal tetras is a good number for my 160 litre? I'd like to double the amount I already have if possible.

- been set up for months so fully cycled. Filter is Oase Biomaster Thermo 300. I do between 25% and 50% water changes every weekend.

Current stocking:
- 10 Cardinal Tetra
- 7 Guppies
- 2 Honey Gourami
- 1 Rainbow Shark
- 6 Albino Corys
- 1 BN Pleco
- 1 Clown Pleco
I bet that you could make the school double the size now. I suggest doing 50 percent water changes every week, other than that, the school size can be doubled!
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