How many Borneo suckers?



I just need some advice on stocking

4ft 75g heavily planted tank
Fluval 407
Sacem Marathon 2000
Sponge filter running on at the moment.

Unheated in Sydney weather. Min is about 16 in winter and Max at 26 in Summer.

6 full grown longfin WCMM
12 fry/juvi
1 full grown BN
Colony of Sunkist Shrimps
10+ NQ Algae eating shrimps
1 Ramshorn juvenile

I’ve recently added one Borneo Sucker. Called Roomba. Absolutely adorable. On the tank glass all over the place most of the time.

I’ve read they should be in 3+ Group, so managed to get three more coming on my way in the next few days.

I’m wondering what is the max number of Borneo suckers in this tank? I prefer under stocked tank because I have my WCMM breeding in spring/summer and I take the fry out for couple months but raise them in here.

Any input will be great!
And here is my Roomba


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I don't know nuthin' except Roomba is an awesome name.
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I had four in that size tank but three managed to climb their way out and dessicated outside the tank so I'd say make sure there are no gaps.

Once the gaps were plugged my remaining Borneo Sucker lived for 12 years.
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